Wednesday, December 17, 2008

On the Fifth Day Of Christmas...

On this the fifth day of Christmas we were hoping to get lots done. But they cancelled school on account of about an inch of snow that fell overnight. To be fair the forecast called for a lot more during the day. Of course it didn’t happen until during the evening hours. I’m sure school officials are kicking themselves now.

However, the Christmas lights seem much brighter when there's snow on the ground.

We had our little visit from our very own Christmas elf again tonight and here’s what he (or she) brought and what they had to say…

On the fifth day of Christmas with things rather tight,
It is important to us that we all travel light!
Gold rings are too heavy (and so are gold buckles)
So please be content with sweet rings on your knuckles.

Still hoping that you all are still hanging in for more
And waiting nightly for the next treat at your door!

I also made some nice progress on my gift list. Today I set about to get everything cut out. I almost made it. Still have a couple more to go, but cutting out 14 different projects takes time. It’s my least favorite part about sewing, other than unpicking mistakes of course, for me it’s the slowest part of the process.

Our family was also the recipient of an anonymous and generous Christmas donation. I’m still trying to collect my thoughts about the generosity of this special angel and I’ll probably blog about it tomorrow, but Gratitude doesn’t quite cover how overwhelmed we were when it came, and still are.

So to those hidden angels all around us – Thank you! Even though those simple and beautiful words don’t quite cover our gratitude, seriously – THANK YOU!!!


~Susan:) said...

I am happy to hear that things are looking up around the Fawndear Forest! I don't know who elected you Job this year, but maybe your term is nearly over.

Cutting is always the hardest part of sewing projects for me too. I am currently finishing up some overdue baby gift quilts, and I know if I can just finish all the cutting, I will be able to whiz through the rest of the assembly and actual sewing.

Fourteen projects cut out in one day--what a great feeling of accomplishment you must be enjoying right now! Hooray!

utmomof5 said...

I agree with the cutting out part of sewing. No fun at all.
Can't wait to here about your donation, glad to hear there are angels by your side!!

Mrs. Darling said...

Oh I cant wait to see what you make with all that lovely fabric. You do plan on showing us dont you? :)

Tink said...

I love those angels seen and unseen in our lives! Happy cutting!

Trena Doll said...

Again, I'm amazed. Are you sure we share DNA? If I remember correctly I took all the same 4-H & Home Ec classes and I can barely sew on a button