Monday, December 15, 2008

On the Third Day of Christmas...

Prince Erik has been doing his darndest to keep the Christmas spirit alive and well in our home. Today he took the half of our kids who weren't bed-ridden, with the cold-to-end-all-colds, out to hack down a tree. I've been wishy washy about the whole tree thing all month. Vacillating between cutting down a tree in our own yard that is way too big, getting a cheap artificial that looks like well - CHEAP and of course paying an arm and a leg to get one from the tree farm.

P.E. couldn’t wait any longer and I’m glad. I would have probably just not got one but the kids need one. So he bought the least expensive one he could find at the Live Tree farm. Once the tree is totally decorated, hopefully before Christmas, I'll take some pic's and share them with you.

We’ve decided our theme for Christmas this year is ‘Sweet and Simple’. The Simpler the better, as long as it’s given with sweet love. But we need to definatly keep it sweet for the kids.

Yes, Our Mischievous Little Christmas Elf visited us again this evening bringing three of the most beautiful ruby-red delicate glass ornaments along with this darling tag which reads.

Night 3 arrives, but clearly we aren’t in France,
And 3 French hens certainly don’t come by chance!
So for your family we have chosen to give to thee,
3 red hens to put on your tree!

Thanks again for playing this game,
Because without you as friends life wouldn’t be the same!

I immediately hung the darling’s right at the tippy-top of the tree to prolong their existence in our house full of klutzes. And why would I do that? Because today has been a particularly damaging day courtesy of my destroying angels.

First an object made contact with Evo-man while he was swinging something or another. The angel of this nativity took a nose dive and lost her hand.

I still can’t find where her decapitated hand flew off too. This one I don’t mind as much because I bought it through the mail and when it arrived all the pieces were firmly glued in place. It appears that Mary is worshiping the Wisemans shoes and not one of them is looking at the Baby Jesus. Joseph, in particular, is staring at the back wall. They are all just spacing it. I was thinking of thrifting this set anyway, Let someone else figure out how to unglue them and position them right. I guess I could just turn them over to Evo-man, he could probably help me re-configure them.

The second angel that bit the dust was courtesy of Princess.

This one was a bit harder on me because I love the set. Princess was tossing a towel to Prince Erik and her aim was off, say by about 15 feet. Remind me never to sign her up for T-ball. Anyway, down fell the angel of this lovely set. Fortunately I think both beauties can be saved with a little bit of super glue. Our family should take out stock in the Super Glue Company. We alone could keep them in business.

In spite of the mishaps it was a great day. Thanks to Prince Erik and our Secret Christmas Elf.


Sara said...

I think the angels need their own guardian angels at your house! Sorry about the 2nd one----that's a beautiful set.

MommyJ said...

I have the same heartwood creek (is that it?) nativity... my donkey has no ears, and the shepherd has no fingers, so he keeps dropping his staff.

Deanna said...

Love the little treats that are left everyday...such a fun idea!!

I want to see the tree must share a picture!! :)

Michelle said...

What a shame, Looking forward to seeing the tree.

Mrs. Darling said...

Sorry you all have been sick.
I like your nativity. Do you know that I have never had one! I continually plan on getting one but I enver do! :(

Tink said...

You've got the sweetest elf in town! I'm sooo sorry to hear about all of your sicknesses and stress! Chin up girl! We just got our tree up last night.

Tink said...

That's AWESOME! You sound like you've got not only an incredible talent for sewing but for bargain hunting! Can't wait to see the final results.