Friday, December 19, 2008

On the Seventh Day of Christmas...

What? Only Seven more Days? Ahhhhhh!!!

So this morning I woke up super-duper early to this beautiful and peacefully calm vision.

It lasted about 2 ½ hours and then the kids woke up. But I did get a good bit of secret sewing done during that time. Then I bravely put my old Idaho mad snow driving skills to the test and made the trek in our 4X4 into town to pick up some notions to finish my Christmas projects. I’m hoping to start showing you what I’m making tomorrow.

While I was gone our Christmas Elf dropped off not one but two days of presents.

Day Six…

Six geese a-laying what an interesting sight.
One of them squawked and they all took flight!
What they left in their nest, you’ll just have to see
Wait oh wait just what could it be?
Holiday dishes that will be great in a pinch
And then use the cutters for cookies… Oh what a cinch!!!

Again we say Merry, Merry to each of you,
Could it possibly be true that you still don’t have a clue?
Have we been tricky enough to stay a secret spy?
If not we might have to really try hard not to cry!!

This rather sweet package came wrapped in this gorgeous gold ribbon. Since we haven’t topped our tree yet I decided to tie up the bow on top as a temporary.

And since I’m not making cookies for a couple of days I thought I’d tie the cookie cutters on the tree as well.

This way I won’t misplace them, or lose them in the mess I call home.

And Christmas Elf – We are still entirely in the dark as to your secret identity.

Also left was Day Seven

The 7th Day of Christmas and we are half way done,
Remember no peeking or you’ll spoil the fun.
On this day of Christmas how nice it would be,
If seven swans a swimming your family could see!
The pond was quite empty since the swans have gone south,
We could only find yummy gummy fish to put in your mouth!

Yummy, oh yummy, oh yummy, you’ll see…
How much more fun could this really be?

Note: The elf left more than one package but my kids raided the stash before I got home. I did get a picture of one of the little wigglies before it met its demise.

We are battening down the hatches because they are forecasting a Wow-ser of a wind/snow storm. Last time I checked Wind + Snow = Blizzard. Burr, I'm cold just thinking about it. We are crossing our fingers and hoping that it won’t leave us in the dark like our last big windstorm in 2006. Then we were out for a whole week. Aught to make for an interesting day tomorrow. Fortunately we have a generator powerful enough to power my sewing station so I'm still good to go.

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Sara said...

That picture looks like a painting!

I hope your snowstorm isn't too bad, but I wish we could get some. Heck, it's been 70 degrees here!