Thursday, December 11, 2008

Too much hip action.

So I did it again. Yep - Breakables will never be safe in my house. And with my recent track record I'll be the major culprit each and every time.

The latest causality was caught by my hip as I rounded a small end table. I guess I'd better start jogging again and slim down before my sides take out anything else valuable.

I have to admit the title of the decorative tile was tempting fate though. It's saying totally fits its demise – don’t you think?

On a sad note - I'm officially old. Or at least my eyes are. My perfect vision has decided to say 'adios'. My old lady vision has been sneaking up on me. I finally decided that blogging with my face half a foot from the computer screen was just wrong. So I went in for my first ever eye exam and they confirmed that I need reading glasses. Not too bad. It took me a while to find these but I think they are kind-of cute and don't make me look too old.

Then I went to the $1 store and picked up some decoys...

Just in case my kids want to borrow my eyewear, which I know they will. But I'll be one step ahead of them this time.
I'm still working on my surprise. I'm hoping to have it ready sometime in the next week. This last week with the kitchen threw me for a loop. However, Prince Erik is being forced, by his awesome boss, to use all his vacation days so he doesn't loose them. So starting tomorrow, my big guy will be home, for the rest of the month, to help with the scary house, crazy kids, and insane wife. Yippee! We'll just have to cross our fingers and hope that we don't drive each other nuts in the process. But I have a good feeling that things will work out just fine.

Awwww! Another perfect winter sunset.


Sara said...

You've got some awesome sunsets!

The tile was beautiful, but just another thing to dust. lol! I'm trying to clear off my spaces, anyway. Makes me feel more peaceful.

Sadly, I have another failure to share this week. :(

Deanna said...

Ok, cracking up that you went and got decoy glasses....LOL!!!

LOVELY photo of the sunset!!

Dawn said...

LOVE,LOVE,the glasses, welcome to the real world. you will get use to them in no time.
i think they look so good on you.

Trena Doll said...

You're rockin the whole sexy-librarian look. Maybe the glasses will help with depth perception too. :)

Anonymous said...

It is easy to love ya. And I hope you don't feel bad but your makeing your Mom feel good because she picked a pair of $1 store glasses just like your decoys.