Sunday, October 12, 2008

I Spoke Too Soon!

Due to the apparent collapse of anything financially sound in the world, among other things, I’m sad to announce that Christmas is going to be postponed this year. Sorry big red fellow.


So here I was being a holiday pro-active little mom, checking off my Christmas To-Do List by hanging lights yesterday; When my words came back to haunt me. You know the one’s where I said last week, 'Because if I really am cursed then the repairs will pile up faster than the savings.'

Why? Why? Oh why do I tempt fate that way?

Maybe it’s because this was the first week in seven where I actually gained weight instead of lost it. There should be a warning on roofs that say. “If you’re a Gi-Gantor Mom – Stay Off.” I knew where the leaky part of our roof was. My husband put black plastic over it. The wind loosened it up a bit and so I was going to go and lay it flat again when lo and behold I decided to have a Twilight Bella moment and...

‘My Foot Fell Through the Roof’!!!

Luckily the drywall on the ceiling stopped the rest of me from following after. But I don’t think we can leave a hole a foot wide in the roof until we have enough money to repair it.

Good-bye Disneyland, Rose Bowl Half Marathon, Christmas! The Money Grinch came early this year. The last time we priced getting a new roof it was $14,000.

I won’t kiss Halloween good-bye because I’ve mostly purchased everything I need to make the costumes.

Ya know – There is no way I’d cancel Christmas. Even if I didn’t have two pennies to rub together I could make magic out of nothing given the chance. You’d be amazed at the Trash to treasure blings I could come up with on a nothing budget. In fact as soon as I conjure them into existence I’ll fill you in on my magic.

So I’m not fretting about putting my munchkins through anything similar to this here little potato and cabbage Depression Era Christmas dinner.

After this last week, I am however telling you that I am totally rethinking my gift lists and adding many more homemade items to them because I’m starting to get a little paranoid that we are going to totally fly over the recession and hit another Great Depression. See I’m a major worry wart and all. I know the retailer’s are just going to love me this year. But I’ve got to stick to my guns and try and make it through three major holidays and a birthday without seeing so much as a penny of red this year – Ah – other than the roof that is.

If you’re here for a Christmas Countdown – well my official Yule-tide To-Do List is mostly postponed this week so I can go about the crazy task of our Oz Costumes. I want them done by the blog Halloween party on the 18th. But here’s my own personal resolve for in the meantime…

  1. Call the Roofing Guys so we have a roof over our heads for Christmas &…

  2. Take newly hung lights off the roof so that we can get it replaced. (Sigh)

  3. Rewrite the Christmas Gift List to include things that I can make to give away instead of buy. I was planning on simplifying anyway. Maybe instead of a Disney Christmas we can do our Pioneer Christmas again. It was my favorite one anyway.

The good news is the sewing machine and serger will be going full force this week and maybe I can squeeze in some Christmas and Birthday stuff as well, you know, when the herd isn’t paying attention.

Meanwhile I've got to stop looking and feeling like a deer caught in headlights, and get moving.


Trena Doll said...

Bummer! Sorry that expense came sooner than anticipated. But you're right about your ability to make magic out of nothing. I'm excited to see you rise to this challenge. I know you can do it; if ever anyone could take a problem and turn it into an opportunity, it's you.

Oh, and potatoes and cabbage are some of my favorites, but I wouldn't recommend cabbage for a family on a tight budget. For a food that has so many associations with abject poverty, cabbage is shamefully expensive.

Faith said...

ARG!!! Darn that Murphy and his stupid Law. I think you're doing great at keeping your spirits up though :)