Tuesday, May 13, 2008

To Blog, Or Not to Blog, There is no Question...

I’m gonna Blog.

When I started last fall I didn’t know if this would be something that would be a lasting fascination or a temporary whim. But it has turned into way more than that.

So for my 100th Blog I thought I would tell you my top 10 reasons for blogging.

1. It helps keep me connected to our extended family – The closest of whom live a mere 13 hour drive away. Since the gas price has been limiting travel plans, at least they can still visit our family via my posts.

2. It’s given me whole new gaggle of blog friends and family.

3. Keeps me Accountable. If I say I’m going to do something and I know other’s know about it, then by-darn-it I’m gonna do it.

4. Let’s me look back and see the goofy, fun, enjoyable things that my family gets to do.

5. Gives me a feeling of accomplishment. You know the whole Before/After stuff.

See I finally finished the boat cusions.

Here's a tiny glimpse of the old cushions, brownish, of course they were covered with stains, (Hello, I have kids!) so the normal wear and tear.

Here's my nautical after. At least I like it. Well to be honest, I have to like it because these darn cushion only took me through 5 days and approximately 17 hours of sewing. Half of that time I was unpicking mistakes. Groan.

6. Seriously, this blog helps me maintain my cool when the kids decide to create abstract works of art on walls, furniture or themselves, or demolish something valuable. Something that used to bring me to bouts of screaming insanity now gives me the calm to ask, ‘Can I take a picture? ’

7. Somehow typing my ideas down helps clarify my muddled, chaotic thought process. So if you don’t understand half of what I’m typing – just think of what my family has to deal with without the editing.

8. Blogging helps me focus on some of the ‘Good Things’ in my life. Like noticing the rainbow after the rainstorm. And believe me we get plenty of rain here.

9. It’s a me thing. A time where I can do something I want to do instead of something I have to do.

10. Helps me Dream of things I still want to do.


Trena Doll said...

happy hundredth! The cushions look great!

Susanne said...

WOW! Those cushions look awesome! Happy 100th post! ♥

Faith said...

Those cushions look amazing. I would feel totally overwhelmed by a project like that, and it would easily take me five times as long. I stick to simple things like pillows and curtains...

Anonymous said...

I have sort of the same feeling towards my blog for almost all of the same reasons.

There have been times when I've been on the verge of hysteria about something, and sitting down to write about it to explain it to someone else has really saved my bacon.

Happy hundredth post, and here's hoping it continues to be meaningful to you for all of the same reasons it's meaningful to your readers and more!

Arrow said...

We love reading your posts and as always are amazed at all the things you do and the perspective you are able to provide. Since we are twice as far away as the nearest family members, we are really grateful for your blogs and the ability to see what is happening in with your family. P.S. With all your clean-up projects we just wanted to make sure you have heard of Mr. Clean Magic Erasers. If not, they do an amazing job on cleaning walls after they have been written on--among many other things.