Saturday, February 23, 2008

Addicted Too...

The funny thing about me is that I get over one addiction and just happen to pick up another. I guess I should ask my Young and Gorgeous Counselor about this next time I bend her ear. So I mostly have overcome my addiction with food (except for chocolate) which keeps pulling me off the wagon. But I’m still o.k. with getting right back on.
My addiction to clutter is still a struggle but I know I’m going in the right direction.
So I’ll let you know what another of my, bring tears to my eyes it gives me such a rush, addictions is. But please keep in mind that admitting to having an addiction is the first step to overcoming it. So, that said, it's...
Darn if I haven’t been there twice already this week. The first time I cashed in a bunch of saved coupons and got the cutest little White with Green Shamrock’s Bear with a nifty little St. Patrick’s Day Leprechaun outfit.
Step 1. Stuff It! (which is probably what my husband wants to do to me every time he hears that I've been to B.A.B.)

Step 2: Wash It!

Step 3: Dress It!

Step 4: Name It!

After cashing in the coupons I had racked up I only paid a total of a $1 and something change. The girls and I named him Lucky. Two days later we were back to get a matching White and Green girl bear named Wish with the little girl Leprechaun matching outfit. The girls are planning a little Bear Leprechaun wedding for St. Patrick’s Day next month. See how cute they are sitting on our front room couch. By-the-way, Lea is doing school work not playing games.

Then we will probably send Wish and Lucky off on their honeymoon which will happen to be the St. Patrick’s Day Decoration Storage Box. I don’t have room for them in the house. Most of the toys are under the house with the decorations anyway. We only rotate and pull out a couple of boxes at a time now. I just hate sorting tons of different toys.

The other thing B.A.B is nasty about is always coming out with cute new outfits. Remember this Christmas picture. Every blasted furry friend had to have an outfit for Christmas.

But this Build-A-Bear thing has me going. Lea was the first to get a friend from Build-A-Bear, and it wasn’t so bad. Something that was fun but not addicting in the least. Then Princess went and got a Monkey named Boots.

I got hooked right along with her. Boots needed clothes, and the time I had to take Princess to the hospital for testing we made sure that we went to Build-A-Bear first and got Boots a Dr.’s outfit. That way, no matter what, Dr. Boots would be there to make her feel better. Remember this from when Princess got sick?

Oh, happy day when Boots got a monkey girlfriend named Chilly. - in the patient outfit.

Here is where the company is clever. They make you want something and if you aren’t fast enough – Too Bad, So Sad! Princess noticed little tiny Build-A-Bear monkeys in a flyer they sent us for Father's Day last year and she had to have them. She carried the flyer around for two weeks because she was convinced that Boots and Chilly wanted kids. I went a week after the ad first said they were available but they were out. I didn’t know this was part of their ploy. And I couldn’t find them anywhere, not even at their online store; I don’t count the arm and a leg people were asking on E-bay for them. Princess was devastated. We keep hoping that they will bring them back. There is something about wanting an item that you can’t have that makes it more appealing, or makes you want it more.

Then there was the time I took the girls to Disneyland. See their friends hitching a ride in the window.

I made sure they each brought their B.A.B friends and B.A.B passports so that we could stop at all the different stores on the way down the coast and get them stamped. That’s a ploy too, see you can’t go into a store and just get a passport stamped; you’ll have to get a souvenir too.

And there are certain Disney (another addiction) outfits that you can buy for your furry friends that you can’t find anywhere else, but Disney's Main Street U.S.A., Mega Whomper Two Story B.A.B. Store. How pathetic is that, for me anyway.

But that’s not the real kicker. Me, Myself, and I had to have my very own B.A.B friend. So right before Christmas when they had Rudolf and Clarice; I made sure I got Clarice.

Of course I named her Fawndear. But with my girls around me supporting me while I kissed the heart, (whole gimmick thingy supposedly making your stuffed friend more real) well, I couldn’t help but get a little choked up. Seriously, a hormonal wreak. Didn't outright cry, but did have a couple of pesky tears leak out I was so excited. I know Super – Pathetic. The stuffed Fawndear is one of the girl’s favorites. I let them take turns taking her to bed with them – depending on who needs mom’s love the most.

I think it’s the whole experience that is addicting and not the stuffed animals.

So here are our furry family friends.

Lea has Princess Unicorn (A purple horse), Snowy (White dog with baby), and Princess Patty (a bunny from years ago.) She keeps wanting more but she plays with hers the least so I don’t think that will happen.

Princess has Boot’s and Chilly (monkeys). All three are inseperable, and the monkeys have had several life saving surgeries (darn voice boxes) and trips to the spa (washer).

Hope has Mo Mo (softest ever bunny).

I have Fawndear (Clarice). The family favorite, of course.

And even Evo-man is in on the action with a Black Bear named Smasher, who even has the growly voice. (Kind of Fit’s him) Of all the kids he has been carrying Smasher around the most this week because I finally got him the little Black fake leather Harley jacket he’s been drooling over for more than a year.

Abner had a Brown Bear dressed as his obsession (Pirate) but he gave it away when he broke up with the girl that gave it to him.
That only leaves Prince Erik and T-Rev who don’t have a furry friend. Hummmmm I wonder.
I got home today and what was in the mail? Another $10 off coupon from anything at Build-A-Bear. I’d better wait before I make another trip though, or Prince Erik, well he won’t be too happy.

How do you know you have an addiction? When you spend more on clothes for a stuffed animal than you do on clothes for yourself and kids, that’s how. Ugh!


Trena Doll said...

Ok, I'm with you on the chocolate, but as for the whole Build-a-Bear concept...I just don't get it. Sure they're cute, with great accessories, but to me they've always seemed so, well, ridiculously overpriced.
If you're concerned about the bear-to-kid spending ratio, I did come up with a rule that may help curb the BAB buy impulse. From now on, the bears get nothing that the kids don't get first. How likely are you to get a leather jacket for your 11-yr-old, or to dress yourself & PE up as leprechaun sweethearts? OK, on that last bit - I'll admit, more likely than most. But the rule could help remind you of just now "necessary" all of these oh-so-cute accessories are not.
Best of luck with it. If you can throw away 3 lbs of chocolate, you can shred a coupon.

The Daring One said...

I fear I must stay away from that store. The stuff is way cute and I'm sure my kids would love it and I'd rather that none of us knew just how much fun it was.

Anonymous said...

Build a Bear has just lost one more client from going to their store with my kids. I do not need any addictions in my life, and if that is what happens... NO THANKS... I hear enough from my kids of "I want this, I want that, Mommy, can I please have this." It is always really sweet until you say "NO!!" then they transform into something quite scary: screaming and crying and seathing with anger, don't forget the wet gooey stuff that oozes from every facet. And then you hear what a mean mom you are. Sorry, I hear it enough. I'm really good at NO. Good luck with your addiction. I think I would prefer the chocolate addiction.


Anonymous said...

Fawn you have more kids to spread your addiction on but we have more animals (thanks to birthday and christmas gifts). Aang as 5 (White Bear, Groundhog, Koala, Turtle, and Little Dog) and they are all played with. Toph has 5 too (Brown Bear, Big/Little Triceratops, Twin Red Bears). None of them are ignored and I wouldn't trade any of them. Cutting down on the expense of clothes is easy. We found that baby socks are cheaper than BAB shoes as are newborn size clothes. They only get holiday outfits if they use their own money. What is sad is that our BAB store is only 1 year old and the manager here knows me well. Course that isn't because we spend lots of money but because of our unique Halloween costumes she saw us in ("Carrot Top", "Cereal Killer" and "Static Cling"). You know you have addiction (me too) when you trade "specialized" items from your store with those from other places....remember????? Katara/Lisa