Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Mad Dash

My pedometer hit a new high yesterday, well other than the 30,000 plus it logged on the day that I did my half marathon. 22,201 STEPS! Where was I running? Crazy, up the wall, after kids, behind the lawnmower in the rain (no, not kidding, how else was I going to quickly eliminate last falls leaves), filling up the truck with its fourth load of ugh, ugh, and more ugh, and taking our O.D.D. child to his awesome 20/20 kids class.

Since it was Tuesday that meant it was the parent’s day to join the kids and sweat it out right along with them. You try a wall squat that lasts 4 minutes and see how you feel the rest of the evening, OUCH! What a nice way to start exercising again after a couple weeks off – Straight to the Pain. We also got to attend another healthy eating class which gives us ideas on what food is healthy and what you should avoid like the plague. Oh, and then there is the meeting with the counselor who helps us learn how not to parent with food, and how to survive Valentines Day on little to no chocolate. OUCH, OUCH! I love the whole healthy eating and generally I do really well. My kids might think I’m a food Nazi, but I still let them have the occasional treat. But if you were a kid and you were only supposed to have one or two pieces of candy on Valentines Day; how hard would it be when you get twenty pieces from kids at school? And the Valentine’s Parties there– Nothing but sugar. I’ll have to think of an awesome non-food reward for all my kids that stick to their health goals for Valentines Day.

See I’m so scattered I forgot to tell you why I was a Movin’ and a Groovin’ yesterday and today. Well the dreaded Home Appraisal inspector will be at our home in less than 3 hours. My home is relatively clean, but no where near the clutter free zone I’m dreaming about. But I’ll get there, cause I believe that dreams do come true.

I’ve decided that Tuesdays are going to be my Health Blog Day. Yeah, Yeah, I know it’s Wednesday already, but from now on, on Tuesdays I’ll let you in on my health Dream. My healthy thing I’m striving for this week is not to get addicted to Chocolate again. But I will allow some on Valentines Day. I think I’ll treat myself to some yummy sliced Strawberries with a hint of shaved chocolate on top. That’s what my husband got me last year after I started the 20/20 program with Pro Sports Club and I think I’ll make that a tradition.

Anyway, 1 hours 58 minutes until the inspector gets here and I’ve got to get some grumpy rumps out of bed, a load to the dump to tie down, 4 rooms to sweep and mop, dishes, laundry, breakfast, and much, much more. Good thing I’m Wonder Woman and a morning person.


Trena Doll said...

Are all the kids on a limited-sweets regimen? I thought it was just the one.
It's a tough dilemma. Believe me, if mom had told me that I couldn't eat my Valentines day candy, I'd have porked it all down before I got home from school, & then I'd have been sick, and probably have lost all desire to eat candy for the rest of my life...Come to think of it, you may be on to something.
As it is, a lot of those nasty little medicinal conversation hearts aren't too appealing if you don't turn them into psychological treasures by making them contraband. They'll probably end up in the trash anyway.

Anonymous said...
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fawndear said...

Our whole family is trying the low-sugar food thing. It would be so unfair to Evo-man if he had to sit and watch everyone else eat candy he couldn't have. We let them individually choose what they can and can't have as far as school treats go, and don't force them, but we encourage them to set healthy eating goals and then reward them with something non-food that they might want if they succeed. Hopefully they are honest about the whole thing. I don't know - I don't want to be setting them up for a food addiction therapy later on. Our only rule is that if they eat it they write it down.