Saturday, February 2, 2008

A Frantic Dream

Well my de-clutter dream took on an new frantic level this past weekend. There’s nothing like a home appraisal inspection to light a fire under your bucket, and urge you to tackle that clutter quick. Our friendly little inspector was going to come yesterday but seeing as I was still sick I got a few days reprieve. He’s now coming this Wednesday instead. Swell, I get to sweat it out for another 4 days instead of just getting it over with.

Lest you think all I accomplished this last week was socks. I thought I’d show you how the boy’s room turned out. It’s not de-cluttered quite to my new satisfaction level, but being that you don’t have to step on anything or maneuver around their built-in little obstacle course, I say it’s a big improvement.
So, drum roll please, Before...

And just so you don't think your eye's are playing tricks on you. I even got another angle.

Can you believe it? Yes, that is carpet, and a lot of it.

This one isn't so bad, because you'll notice all the closet maid organizers that we installed at the beginning of the year.

I guess the big bonus is that you can actually now get into the closet without tripping on something. You try putting their clothes away after their lights are out and they are in bed. It's like a war zone with extra booby traps.

I also started a couple of other huge clutter zones, but seeing as I haven’t finished them I’ll spare you their gory before pictures. I wouldn't want you to have any clutter nightmares.

Yes Prince Erik did work on his desk but it’s not quite ready for its reveal. And I also haven’t finished our new mud room, seeing has how the rest of the house is calling clutter 911 before the inspection.

I will also save the jaw-dropping garbage total for a later date, but I will let you take a peek at my third thrift pile of 2008.

So yes, my declutter dream is in frantic fast pace. But frantic also means that I'm having to avoid some of the little nooks and crannys until a later date. It's all good though, if I didn't have this clutter to go through I'd be definately going through internet withdrawls. Since the only pages I can really go to is my blog and email, I've found myself spacing out while re-reading my comments for the tenth time, wishing they would magically transform into the other blogs I like to read. I've been good and haven't cheated yet, but I do miss getting all the juicy tidbits on what's going on in the world around me. So until my next dream-on day, enjoy your own mess and be glad it's not mine.


Trena Doll said...

Wow girl! What progress! Have you decided what you're going to do with the other 10 months in 2008? Something tells me that there's not a speck of clutter that can survive your determination and an un-plugged February!
Oh, and I'm sorry you can't go to my blog. It's been really great, amazingly witty, and absolutely superb lately. Poor you :) j/k

Susanne said...

That is amazing! I love all the transformation pictures! Hey, do you think google reader would be allowable? I don't know if you already use it to check for blog updates, but that's what I use so I only have to check one website to see all of my friends updated blogs. Go to or and click "more" at the top of the screen and then reader. Then you can just add links of all the blogs you read. At least then you wouldn't be spending tons of time surfing around on the internet, right? You'd just be visiting one website. :-)

fawndear said...

I'll sign-up for Goodle reader on March 1st. Meanwhile, I'd feel like I was cheating because of our no-electronic whatever it's called month if I did it now.