Thursday, February 14, 2008

Wonder Woman or Nut Case?

Last week when my husband took a couple of days off to play Mr. Mom so that I cold get some sick rest, he mentioned to me. ‘There is no possible way for you to do everything it is that you need to do.’

‘Why thank you honey, I never knew you thought I was Wonder Woman.’ Seriously thinking he was in awe of my amazing super-human effort to help manage our half dozen kiddo’s lives and still manage to have a home that was week by week getting a wee bit cleaner.

He lovingly commented, ‘Well what I really meant to say was; you might have too much on your plate.’

‘What do you suggest that I drop off my plate?' and thought, 'and let splatter all over these nice clean floors?’ My mind whirling, Homeschooling the girls popped up first, then my blog, then my focus on un-cluttering our home, church calling, extra-curricular projects for our O.D.D. child and the list goes on.

‘I dunno?’

That was the end of the conversation. I quickly shoved the too-much-on-my-plate idea into the dusty crevices of my brain and focused on the thought that I was Wonder Woman and could do it all.

Fast Forward to yesterday…
Wonder Woman Crashed her Invisible Plane. Or Fawndear’s brain took a vacation.
Yesterday, I had one of those Mental-Mind-Detour Days.
I quickly enlisted my super-human efforts to feed the kids.
Spot mop the floors.

Oh, and tackle those pesky rainbow colored walls.

Then the dreaded (In my mind only) clipboard bearing appraiser showed up. Nice guy, by the way. He even mentioned to me that although he wasn’t going to put it in his notes, he noticed that our roof needed to be replaced.

Here friends, is where Wonder Woman’s mental plane took a huge detour and… crash landed! I know this never happens to anyone else but I started thinking very, very un-rationally something along these lines.
'Yes, I know that the roof is horrible, and you’re being nice not to mention it, but it will be reflected in the value you give our home, right? And I see all those marks you’re making on that there clipboard. Drat, I shouldn’t have busted my kester cleaning so hard because instead of focusing on the clutter you can now focus on all the holes in the wall. Oh, and you can’t fool me pacing up and down the street with your camera, I know that you’re desperately trying to find an angle to show our homes best angle, but there isn’t one. See from there all that you’ll be seeing is our moss-covered, still Christmas light bearing horrible leaky roof. And that angle isn’t much better because you can see where last year’s windstorm blew over half our fence (still down and out) and we have that jumbled, bright blue tarp bearing wood pile out back.’

Well, I’ll spare you the rest of my un-rational thought pattern, but it wasn’t pretty. By the time he left I was on the verge of crying, and the poor guy hadn’t done a thing.

It didn’t end there… I spiraled that pesky invisible plane into a dark canyon I haven’t visited in over a year. Emotional eating! I consumed all of a small box of chocolates (who am I kidding, it was a whole regular sized box) that didn’t even really taste good. Probably because of the fact that I bought it at the dollar store. And why stop there. If I was going to crash and burn, I’d make the explosion really big so people for miles around could see. So I broke the no electronic entertainment rule and started surfing all my favorite blogs for a little solace. I must have alarmed Trenadoll when she read that I commented on her blog (yes, she knows what month this is), because she even picked up the phone and called to see if everything was o.k.
I hate those un-rational mental detours. So it was definitely a lapse day. Then, as I was getting ready for bed we got an email from our agency that told us what the appraisal was and what we needed to do to keep going. The appraisal was fine, all that worry for squat! I think Wonder Woman had just overdone it physically a couple of days ago and needed a break.

Today I’m happy to report it’s going to be a healthy and happy, day. Last night’s sleep worked miracles on my invisible plane and it’s flying again. I’m off to wake up my darlings and start another regular hustle and bustle homeschool day, de-clutter another closet, and maybe pull a few more weeds. This time I’ll just tone down my super-human efforts a notch, so I don’t have another super melt-down anytime soon.
Oh, and since it's Valentines Day, I'd better think of something for Prince Erik that won't involve too much. I know I'll let him cook the shrimp in the freezer. That will show him how much I love him. This time I'll wear a romantic clothespeg on my nose.

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