Thursday, February 28, 2008

Personal Physical Torture Trainer

As I heaved my stiff and sore body up and down stairs over and over again with laundry yesterday: I had no idea that there were so many different muscle groups in my lower extremities that could be screamin’ with pain at the same time.

I blame my son’s group trainer at his daily health and fitness class. Every Tuesday I have the privilege of personal torture lessons right along with my kid. Had I done the same exercises in December I probably would have been fine with a twinge of soreness, but after taking nearly four weeks off of exercise for illness, I’ve found that re-entry back into the movin’ group can be very painful.

I did o.k. Saturday when I jogged (slower than a penguin waddling uphill on ice in winter) 4 miles with some of my angel friends, who kindly kept pace with me. I was fine the next day so I thought it wouldn’t be that bad. So I’m slowly trying to integrate exercise back into my routine.

However there is something about this group trainer. I think he might delight in sadistic torture. Try holding a wall squat for over 4 minutes and then immediately sprint the full length of a basketball court and back without having spazzing Charlie horses hit you like a Mac Truck. Or maybe you could hold yourself in a push up position for the same amount of time and then sprint. This last Tuesday was my kicker, Lunges. So I usually could do around 20 before the burn starts to kick in. Forget the burn, light me on fire! He had us do over 50. I cheated on the last ten and didn’t go all the way down. But I only cheated because if I would have gone all the way down there is no way that I’d be able to get back up again .
I expected to be sore yesterday, but when I got up today to go exercise again, I couldn’t even sit down without fire shooting through my legs. Ouch! This guy must think we are contestants on American Gladiator’s. It’s not just me either; my husband who has been exercising regularly said he was a little sore too. And my son, he’s fine. No complaints. This isn’t fair. I guess the key to surviving this guy is to sign up for daily torture and I’m not sure I’m ready to do that yet.


Anonymous said...

I am glad I am not the only one sore all over this week. I gained 10 lbs. last month and so I decided to get back on the grind. Worked out on Monday, and am paying for it. But maybe I have a little of that same pleasure your trainer has, because I delight in being sore. If they hadn't canceled classes this week, I would be back asking for more. Good luck getting back into your excercising.


Trena Doll said...

I don't think Snady knows the kind of sore you're talking about, or there's no way she'd use it in the same sentence as a word like "delight". When I was working out with Nic, one of the things that was really effective, but really frustrating, was the fact that he always managed to push me to the point where I was partially crippled for the next few days. But you should have seen my quads!