Monday, February 4, 2008

Mom's Day Off

I thought it would be a lot tougher to sit and do nothing today. Boy was I wrong. It was actually quite nice, turning the kids and home over to my husband. I parked my body on the front room couch and clipped coupons all morning long. I’ve decided to do some actual budgeting during my convalescence.

I, of course, smiled to see my little shadow attach herself to her daddy’s leg instead of mine. It felt so good to say, ‘Go take that to Daddy, he’ll change your stinky, get you a Sippy cup, and let you sit on his lap while working.’

About an hour after the kids left to school I heard him mumble the magic words we mom’s love to hear… ‘I don’t know how you do it.’ He then promptly called my friend The Cleaning Lady and begged her to come help clean the house.

I got an even bigger smile when I heard my husband wrestling the possessed Washing Machine back into place. ‘This things heavy,’ he grunted.

My biggest wonderful-that-I’m-too-sick-to-help moment came when the Washer decided to get sick and spew all over the laundry room floor. Seems Prince Erik didn’t check to see whether the hoses were still attached to the wall after its last demonic possession. I laughed till I hacked as I sat on the couch and didn’t feel the least bit guilty. That lack of guilt did come in handy as I didn't raise even so much as a pinky to help, while seeing him running around grabbing towels. How very, very, naughty of me. But I’ve been complaining about that uppity washer for over a year now.

Finally, today I got some honest results. What do you do when your washer develops an ego? Well you humble it by knocking it off its pedestal, of course.

And for the next load of laundry, wouldn’t you know it; the beast stayed in place and didn’t budge so much as an inch.

Maybe the big guy upstairs decided to knock me off my pedestal for a bit this week because I needed to be humbled as well. I’ll have to ponder more on that one later. For now I’m just going to sit here and enjoy one of the blessings of a T.V. free home. Lea reading to her sister Princess.


Prince Erik said...

Well, actually I figured I had a choice. I could either break my back lifting the washer off it's base or break my back pushing it back into place after each load. I have NO idea how Fawndear has done laundry this past year.

Whew...Dang...still 5 more loads waiting for me. Back to work..


fawndear said...

Here I am, reduced to commenting on my own blog... Actually it's a sad revision of this blog. The possessed washer, well it's back. Now it's just a mini bouncer, and darn-it the thing still walks. It seems no amount of leveling, or trying to balance loads will help, according to consumer complaints on the same model. Oh well, next time I will have to do my homework.

Trena Doll said...

Love that last photo. Too, too sweet. Don't you just wish you could capture the essence those peaceful moments, and then sprinkle it about like fairy-dust when tensions start to rise?
But look at it this way, at least you've got proof that it happened. Oh, and even more magical, documented proof that PE can do Laundry! That's got to be worth a bundle!

PE said...

The other benefit of moving the washer lower was that the girls can now load and start the washer. I used this to my benefit and taught both of them how to load and start the wash !


SuburbanCorrespondent said...

Yes, I love being able to say, "Daddy can help you with that, honey."

Anonymous said...

After reading several of your blogs, I can't stop laughing. THey need to make a movie about you guys up there. Then I could at least have some real clean fun to watch. Not laughing at you, it's with you. You would think you were making half of this stuff up to be funny. The funniest part is that I know you are not. Amazing. Love you forever. Your Sassy Sister.