Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Darling Dasher

Here is our family's version of a famous magician. We'll just call her
Hairy 'Hope' Houdini.

Remember the whole discovering the world outside the door adventure we went through last week.

The Curly Catapult tries to hurdle through the upper lock barrier.

Elevated Escaper... Using a counter high kitchen chair.

Foiled by the camera wielding mom she makes a dash for the back door. Since we haven't installed an upper lock on that door we have a tempory makeshift barrier. But can that stop her?

Here she is pulling the plastic storage bins away from the back door. That bottom box is chuck full of legos so she has to be packing some little pint-sized muscles, too. She foiled us again.

We will have to go back to the drawing board because she has figured out how to undo every silly door lock we have.
My darling wonderful husband came upstairs the other night asking me if I had just heard the front door open. I replied no and he had this huge grin on his face.
'Please don't tell me you oiled the hinges,' I pleaded.
'Well, yes,' he replyed a little deflated by my reaction.
'I thought you had been reading my blog, remember how I said I loved the mystery theater creak to the door. I use it as a child escape alarm.' I reminded him.
Apparently he had missed that blog or skipped over the paragraph where I mentioned the door. Poor guy doesn't get a break. He finally fixes something that's been needing to be fixed for years and get's his head bit off by me.

The Darling Dasher has freed herself from our home no less than two times today alone.
Fortunately, she still hasn't discovered the world outside our yard. I give her a week, Tops.
She also figured out how to open the car door while I was doing 60 down the interstate the other day. Thank you Childlock doors. I almost forgot you were there. Now I'm going to rely on you with a vengence no matter how loudly the teenagers complain about being trapped inside the car with little screamin sisters.


Susanne said...

My goodness, she is clever to push that tall chair all the way over to the front door! Luckily my kids are deterred by the simplest of baby locks. :-)

Anonymous said...

The farther along in the birth order, the quicker they learn! It's true here, and we only have three...