Saturday, February 9, 2008

Time Travel Stinks!

I think I’ve kicked the crummy illness that took me out for almost 3 weeks. My awesome husband took two days off from work at the beginning of the week to give me a real rest. When he went back to work I continued that rest but added just the bare minimum. Yesterday was almost normal except for the fact that it felt like I went back in time a year, and it wasn't fun. The whole none-exercise life I’ve been living for the past two and a half weeks has really drained my strength and my body felt very much like it did when I was 70 lbs heavier, and those pesky tremors were very visible in my hands again, but only when I was moving them around. It really made me appreciate the miracle good health has been to me during the past year.

Then today happened… Don’t worry, it’s all good. This morning I woke up to news that I was an aunt again. I can't wait to see my new nephew but that might be awhile because he only lives 13 hours away. My mom says he's a real angel. What a great way to start out the day.

I really felt great, lot’s more energy, less tremors, and boy did I want to get back to fighting that clutter creature in our downstairs den. It used to be a bedroom for my oldest son but we’ve decided to turn it into a boys whatever room. Mostly because they have too much stuff (I wonder who they inherited that from? hum), but also because it would be nice for them to have a place where the little annoying sisters can’t pester them when their friends decide to come over and hang out. Once again, be prepared for some pictures that show just how horrible that clutter monster can be. Mr. Monster has a special way of spreading the havoc in the male dominated rooms of our home like you wouldn’t believe. Can you guess what color the carpet is supposed to be?

And did you spy Evo-man, Abner, and T-rev camoflaged inbetween the piles of What-where-you-thinking-getting-that-stuff?

Are your eyes seeing red yet?

Isn't it great what getting rid of about 6 bags of trash can do for a room? So dramatic I had to get more proof.

Missing is the one door wardrobe. Only to be replaced by a clear clutter containment field.

I hope it doesn't explode. Maybe after a little time I can convince the boys to reduce their whatever things by even more. But I think we made valuable progress.
And then there was Prince Erik making a really Super-Human Valiant effort to be a Handy Man and attack mommy's Honey-Do list. After he had been working in the Laundry room for a couple of hours he called me in to show me that he finally had attached the cupboard doors that have been waiting on my list for the last two years.

Opps, don't tell me you hung the corner door's upside down dear?
And those other corner doors, are really supposed to be on the bottom counter not the top.

What you want me to leave the laundry room so I don't see you cry?

Once I was no longer crushing his male ego, and our girls had offered him some valuable advice on how to use the screwdriver, and about 4 hours later...

Ta-da. Mr. Computer Geek actually finished hanging the doors on the laundry room cabinets. Next time, well lets just hope, for his ego, there is never a next time.

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Anonymous said...

Hillarious. Oh, I got a kick out of the cupboard ordeal. Erik, what a great sport you are. Way to have that positive attitude. I am sure that you said all the right words, and redid the cupboards with a smile on your face. Fawn, dreams can come true, and yours is your positive husband. Imagine if he were a negative person, or one who would have just given up. Chalk one up for Erik. Great job. The house is looking great. Love, your sassy sister.