Sunday, February 17, 2008

Bankrupt Tooth Fairy and Huggy Feefe

I thought you might like some more before and after pictures... So here it goes. Princess Before

And Princess after. I'd say she's about eight months early with her Halloween Costume Accessory here.

Little Princess is going to break the bank, of the tooth fairy that is. She lost her fourth tooth in 2 months this morning.

Her speech therapists are going to need a translator to understand her now.

Yesterday I thought I would bestow some of my learned-the-hard-way-wisdom upon her precious little head. She was complaining about brushing her teeth so I opened my filling speckled yapper wide and showed her that if she didn’t brush her teeth everyday she would have spots just like mine. She immediately went and brushed her teeth.
Tonight about a half an hour after bed she came into my room with tear filled eyes and said,

‘Mom, I don whon Huggy Feefe.’

‘You don’t want what?’

‘Huggy Feefe.’ She replied while pointing to her mouth.
Finally I guessed that she meant Ugly Teeth. Guessing she was talking about her missing teeth growing in crooked like her soon to be braced-up sister Lea. I replied that Heavenly Father had given her beautiful teeth and they would be just fine no matter how they came in.

'No, mommy, I don whon Huggy Feefe like yours. '

Thrill, now my sweetie instead of having comforting dreams of a visit from the tooth fairy is having nightmares that she will have ugly teeth like mine.

‘Oh, well we then better brush them every day.'

'But I hate Toospaste.'

'How bout I get some different toothpaste from the store and help you remember to brush every day?'

She smiled and that seemed to calm her a little. She gave me a thumbs-up as she went back to bed, and that I don’t need a translator to understand.
Now I’d better go brush my Ugly Teeth and maybe tomorrow I’ll purchase a variety of toothpaste flavors for her to try along with truckload of whitener for me. That and dig through my purse to see if the Tooth fairy dumped any loose change in it.


Anonymous said...

I am our children's Great White Hope when it comes to ocular and dental health. HRH's fear was that he was going to need dentures by the time he was 30. Now that he's getting on towards 40 (and still looks about 15 years younger than me *grumble*) we've got our eyes fixed on that goal. However, we also just found out that he needs another 2 crowns *sigh*

Trena Doll said...

Twiggy's in the same boat as Princess. Although she'd be sad to hear how far behind she is. She's lost two so far. But, she informed me on Saturday that she's got at least three loose, so she may catch up.
Her dad did some asking around at work for the current ToothFairy exchange-rate. Prices are up, my friend. I remember feeling jubilant if I found a quarter under my pillow, rather than just the small stuff. These days kids expect about $ they say.