Saturday, March 8, 2008

B.A.B. Accountability Contest Winner & More

And the Winner is....... Susan!
Which means because Susan was feeling extra generous that she passed her win onto Sassy, who really doesn't want it for her munckins but is passing it on the her Friends Family who's daughter was just diagnosed with brain cancer.
I swear I was totally honest in how I had Hope pull out the winning name and I was secretly rooting for Sassy's to win because now I know that by giving up my addiction to her; I can also benefit this sweet little girl and her family. Susan, you can tell you kids what great and wonderful kiddo's they are for giving this B.A.B. win to a family that really needs any pick-me-up they can get right now. From what Sassy told me things really don't look to good for this little 5 year old right now. So keep her and her family in your prayers.

I would have taken pictures of the name drawing but Hope had banana in her scary hair and she had also stripped down to get ready for bed, and you could see the markers she had decided to paint her body with from earlier today evident all over. But you lucked out - I couldn't find the camera. Hum, I wonder if Abner and T-rev are secretly filming yet another stop-motion movie with it?
I'm proud to announce that for the first time in two weeks I haven't picked up any of the Twilight books for the past 26 hours. Of course it's because I had Prince Erik take them to his work and hide them from me. I wasn't strong enough to resist when they were in the house. But darn it if the author didn't post a chapter from the vampire's point of view on her website that I've read three times already. Ugh, with myself. I've never had a problem with Soaps, or romance novels of any kind whatsoever. I don't know why this series has sucked me up like it has.

In an effort to get my mind off it my sweet husband took me to see the movie Penelope last night. Cute, clean girly show. but then again it doesn't take much to impress me. If it's clean then I'm usually satisfied. We don't usually go out on dates that much. We'd love to, but it totally depends on the mood of our O.D.D. child. If he is feeling o.k. and happy then we might try. But before we have had to cancel at the last minute several dates because we didn't want the other kids to have to deal with his bad mood.
I'm not looking forward to trying to start getting my kids up an hour earlier tomorrow. It won't be fun. Thankfully our church doesn't start until in the afternoon. Whoever, suggested all this time change nonsense didn't have children like mine, or they wouldn't have dreamed of the whole spring forward idea. I think it's Ironic that they call it Spring Forward; it's more of a lathargic, drag yourself out of bed, after you've hit the snooze alarm for the 10th time.
I think my middle name is ramble, so anyway -- Congrates again to Susan and Sassy and Sassy's Friend.


Susanne said...

Thanks for the daylight saving reminder! I completely forgot. And yes, I hate it, too. It's not so easy to adjust a schedule with the kids that I've worked so hard for!

Anonymous said...

Yay! I am so glad that Sassy's friends' will have a chance to do something special for their little girl with the B.A.B. certificates! Nature Boy, Ender95, and ZeBoo will be delighted to hear, and won't miss the certificates for a second, because they are going to a noble cause.

On the subject of Daylight Savings Time I have to say that while I absolutely LOVE D.S.T., I loathe making the transition into it.
The kids get all out-of-sorts, and everything feels catywhumpus for days...


Anonymous said...

Susan, I don't even know you, but what a sweet thing to do. THank you, so much. I promise it will go to a wonderful family who are just beginning to realize the hard road that they are embarking on. The bills have not even hit yet, but this sweet little princess will start radiation tomorrow. My heart is aching for them at this time and I only wish I could lift this from them. Susan, What a noble thing for you and your children to do. May the Lord bless you dearly for it. And also you Fawndear, for giving up your addiction, and being so generous to share it. I love the good things that happen in this life. It makes it all worth it. THanks again. Sassy

Anonymous said...

Sassy, you're welcome. Keep us posted on her progress and please pass on all our biggest hugs and best wishes to the whole family at this time of crisis.


rkimedes said...

If you want, I can help you out by borrowing the books from PE ;-)