Wednesday, March 26, 2008


200… Average Buck-a-roo’s spent on gas each week for the past 4 weeks. The Tank I drive is a Gas Sucker. And this amount is after my husband averaged riding the bus for two days a week so I could drive the more fuel - efficient car. I think a horse might be cheaper to feed than our vehicles. Maybe we should go back to the horse and buggy.
2… days left of Evo-man’s Fitness Class. After which the before-mentioned $200 should drop by over half. I hope?!?
4… hours of sleep I got last night.
2… how many loafs of bread my kids chowed today.
36… minutes it took to find Itchy (dog) after she ran away from home.
3… zits. I confess they are mine – when will I grow out of adult acne? Oh yeah, when I give up the blasted chocolate.
48… minutes it took all my kids to get in bed after they were sent to bed. And this was a good night.
7… loads of laundry completed today.
6… loads of laundry that I didn’t complete today. I lie not.
0… number of things I got crossed off my to-do list.
40… minutes spent on the exercise bike.
4… Daffodils that bloomed in my front yard today. I’ll spare you the weed count- only because it would probably take me a week to count them.
A Gazillion… blessings received from being a mom. Most of those I’m probably not really aware of.


Trena Doll said...

Great job! You really should add the laundry loads completed & time spent working out to your to-do list...just for the pleasure of crossing them off. Some days I make a list of things I've already done, just so I can cross them off and feel some sense of accomplishment. Got out of bed? Check. Showered? get the idea.

Oh, and bonus points for finding Itchy in under an hour. :)

Anonymous said...

I regularly fail to achieve my goal of completing the three loads of laundry a day that are required to keep this household's patrons treading water in the clean clothes department. Getting seven finished in one day earns you a medal in my book! I agree with trena doll, write it on your To-Do list and cross it off now. I can attest to the incredible sense of accomplishment derived from the post-completion task add with simultaneous cross off—bizarre though that may be! ;)


Susanne said...

Yes, I agree! That many loads of laundry in one day is a serious accomplishment, so you should definitely get credit for it on your to-do list! I can barely manage two loads in one day. And half the time one of the loads ends up getting forgotten in the dryer. :-)

Anonymous said...

You are so awesome! I just found this blog and I love your "numbers". You amaze me with how you really do get done every day. Believe it! Dream it and it will happen!! SingleMom2