Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Top Ten Reasons to Clean-Up

After reading the Parental Advisory Warning over at Surburban Correspondent. Yes I fit every criteria on 'How to know you have enough kids.' I had to come up with my own top ten of something. Being that the clutter monster has attacked again I though this would be as good as any.
Top Ten Reasons to Clean-Up your Mommy Act.
1. All your dishes are dirty and your feeding your kids off Tupperware lids.
2. There’s a funny smell in the boys room and after 10 minutes of investigation you still can’t find the source.

3. You can’t get out of your vehicle without three or four things falling out as well.

4. Your reduced to wearing exercise shorts and a non-matching Harry Potter Tee-shirt because all of your other clothes are dirty.

5. You can faintly hear the phone ringing but can’t locate it.

6. Can’t find matching shoes for any of your kids.

7. You have a picnic on the floor because the table and chairs are too cluttered to eat at.

8. Can’t find your calendar and you just got a phone call saying your son missed another
orthodontist appointment.

9. Every blasted room in your house is an obstacle course and can only be navigated by following a little trail.

10. You can’t find your car keys for the third time in a week, and have to stay at home anyway so why not clean it up.

and that's what I'm doing today.


Trena Doll said...

The boys room? These guys are all 12 & older, right? Have them find their own smell! :)

fawndear said...

They can't smell it. Only Mommy's nose can. Thus my doom.

SuburbanCorrespondent said...

Oh, dear, I hate the obstacle course routine! My house always used to be that way, until I discovered Flylady (back in 2002). But even after I was able to clean up the floor clutter, I still weaved my way through rooms, because I was so used to their being objects for me to avoid tripping over.

And I've still got the barf smell in the boys' room.