Sunday, March 16, 2008

Multi-task holiday

I’ve never met a mom who didn’t know how to multi-task. Even if they didn’t do it very well they still did it out of necessity. There are some things that I multi-task very well like being in 10 different places at the same time, wiping noses as well as other ends and throwing pirate puffs into the open mouths of my little kid’s yappers. Of course there are some things I absolutely fail at. I don’t multi-task cooking very well. Something is bound to burn when I try. Maybe that’s why my husband feels more comfortable in the kitchen. Honest truth - I have never been able to make a batch of cookies where I didn’t burn 2 out of 3 sheets, and that is even with a timer. I plead guilty by reason of distractions.

I have a total of 2 birthday and 2 holidays to pull off within 11 days. I might need to take another brain vacation soon but for now I’m holding it together, but just barely. I like it when Easter is in April instead of March because then I can do justice to both St. Patrick’s Day and Easter. When my holiday traditions overlap that’s where I don’t feel comfortable, and my multi-task button get’s a little frayed.

Usually one week before Easter we do this whole Palm Sunday Celebration, go on a nature walk and try and pick out things that remind us of the Easter Story (thorns for the crown of thorns, wood rails for the beams of a cross, Palm fronds. Etc.). Or we watch the movie The Ten Commandments to help my kids learn about the first Passover and why it was celebrated. This year we did - Pause for effect – None of that. Our only real activity is watching Abner and T-rev participate in a special Easter Musical Devotional. Love hearing youth choirs, especially when my sons are singing. Get the shivers and always get hormonal blubbery, but it’s worth it. I just have to remember not to wear mascara that will run, and ignore the embarrassed looks of my younger kids when I start squeaking.

The Leprechauns are coming tonight as well so I think tomorrow our Easter week will have to take a little break for some totally Irish jiggy-shindig. Look what I found in Target’s $1 bin.

My girls loved their little leprechaun socks. I couldn’t pay my boys enough to wear them so I didn’t get them any. Their loss, well not really because they didn’t have any this cute in larger sizes.

Yesterday after some mad spot cleaning we celebrated Evo-man’s birthday, with some of his friends.

I made some ooey gooey chocolate brownie cake with the mint filling that I mentioned before and everyone devoured it. However, I think most 12 year old boys will devour just about anything containing sugar. Then my husband took the kids to or local skating rink for Retro night (70’s & 80’s Disco plus). I kind of skipped the opportunity to go so I could stay home with Princess and Hope. There wasn’t quite enough room in our Tank with all the party guests. That and no matter how powerful my imagination is I can’t fake skating like I can fake dancing. So when they play the oldie but goodie song called, ‘Another One Bites the Dust,’ well lets just say that it wouldn’t be an understatement if they dedicated it to me.

My big highlight of the weekend was seeing Evo-man become a deacon. I can’t believe he’s that old. I about fell over when I realized that he was the same age that Abner and T-rev were when we had them start babysitting. I don’t think he will get the experience to babysit for a while yet, but it was still a shock.

Guess what he got for his birthday.

A light saber! See how happy he is about it. It isn't one of those Wal-Mart fall-apart type but the really cool ones that cost five times as much. T-rev had to go out the next day and buy his own. So all weekend the boys have been impromptu sword fighting. T-rev even brought his to the Easter Devotional but I made him leave it in the car. And I thought they would grow out of the whole sword fighting thing when they left grade school. I guess I thought wrong, but hey, it’s easy to think wrong when you have to multi-task and take care of a half dozen plus 1 kids, a dog, cat, and my imagination.

Now I’ve got to get them off to bed so the leprechauns can make an appearance.


Mel said...

Wow, you have a lot going on! Good for you keeping it all together. The St. Patty's socks are cute! If Leprechauns don't visit does it mean the kids are bad or the mom is a loser? We've never done that one;)

My oldest is a year away from becoming a Deacon. I can't believe how fast they grow up. Evo looks happy with his light saber:)

SuburbanCorrespondent said...

I always burn the last sheet of cookies. It's almost a ritual around here.

Maybe you should put your kids' ages somewhere in the sidebar? I'm confused.

Faith said...

Some boys never outgrow playing with swords... my husband would love to have a lightsaber as cool as that one!

Faith said...

Also, just wanted to say thanks for taking the time to read my blogs. Your comment made my day!