Sunday, March 15, 2009

Nerds are Expensive

So my son Abner is a chip off the ol' block. His dad's, not mine. The whole computer geek stuff comes from Prince Erik not me. So being the son of a computer nerd, he is bound to have some of it rub off. And it did big time this week.

See Abner joined his schools Nerd Herd (I Mean Technology Student Association) and went off to State competition to compete in the State Geek Olympics. Where they throw down homemade movies instead of shot puts, and do extemporaneous speaking instead of the triathlon. My little Abner competed in four different events out of the 30 offered. And the little brain-ball qualified for Nationals in two out of the four. His On-demand video group won 1st place and his Computer Game Building team won 2nd place.

Now we've got to pull up couch cushions to find an extra $1000 + in chicken change to send him to Nationals in a couple of months. I'm feeling another dreaded garage sale coming on. Maybe we can sell his collection of Mech Warriors.

So I thought I'd let you all see his winning entry for the On-demand video. He didn't act because he is behind the camera the whole time. Each team is given 2 props, in this case keys and tissue, and a line that they have to use in the movie. The line was, 'It's the wrong size.' They then have 36 hours to write a script, film it, edit it and present it to the judges. Abner's team won 1st place with this little short

So for your viewing pleasure here's the nerd talent our State is sending to Nationals. If it doesn't work, come back later. I'm still trying to figure out the whole nerd stuff myself. Unfortunately the very last second of the film cuts off. So your missing these boys say the word 'Nothing.' And if it doesn't work try the Youtube version HERE!


SuburbanCorrespondent said...

Aack - it keeps stopping every couple of seconds!

Where are the Nationals held?

fawndear said...

Denver, CO of all places. I don't think they will know what hit them when they get a run on pocket protectors in all the stores.

Pam said...

Hey, CONGRATULATIONS!! Great job.. very clever these Ashby boys (it's the Higgins' gene) did he film in that tiny bathroom and manage to not be caught in the mirror?! Very fun. We'll look forward to hearing about Nationals! Go, Abner!!

Pam said...

Spouse of Pam here... Loved it!! I'm certain that S. Spielberg started just that way... Congratulations, and we'll be expecting more from A.A. and his Nerd-Troupe! (And, yes, it's all in the genes, the Kings and the Higgins I would believe.)

PomPa A.

Sara said...

Very nice job---it would be fun to see the competition! Tell Abner congratulations.

princessmama said...

Way to go Abner!!

Trena Doll said...

So fun! Love that they got the gratuitous butt-shot in there. Very important in competitions. Keep 'em comin' Abner!

Anonymous said...

That was great!