Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Anyone seen my brain?

It’s been missing for a couple of weeks.  Not sure where I put it.  Perhaps if I’d known where I placed it I wouldn’t have misplaced my 3 year old today.

Hope decided to visit Jewel my neighbor and it took me 15 minutes to figure out that she was gone, scour the house, yard and trailer park, before I got a clue.  I had finally decided to call 911 when I saw that my sweet neighbor had left a message for me letting me know that Hope was with her.  UGH!!!  I can’t believe I did that again.  And now that Hope knows there’s an awesome flat screen that plays Blue’s Clues just up the road, she may have extra incentive to ditch mom again. 

Maybe I should just put Jewels # on speed dial.  Last year Hope was fascinated by her little pond.  This year she’s gone and invited herself into the neighbor’s house.

Do ya think they make reverse Electronic Shock collars?  One that I could put on myself so that when Hope ventures further than 30 feet away it zaps me back to reality?

My dear sweet husband decided that maybe some torture sessions would clear my brain so he signed me up for some shock and awe therapy with my personal torture trainer friend Mrs. DAR-ling.  So starting next week she is going to try and jump start my muffin top into some serious action and pain (no doubt).  I’ve worked out with her before, she’s awesome, but I’ve always had trouble walking stairs or even sitting down, afterwards. 

Funny thing is, Prince Erik was too chicken to tell me that he had signed me up.  He had my trainer tell me. 

So with a personal trainer, WW, and my Young and Gorgeous Counselor on board I’m hoping that I’ll finally be able to turn this whole weight mess around. 

Still waiting for spring to arrive.  Maybe that’s why my mind is foul.  I walked outside to snow on the car this morning.  I need to do some therapeutic weed pulling but it’s nothing but liquid sunshine and puddles of mud outside.

Thank you for listening to my little old vent.  I’m all better know.  Ready to start tackling my Super Long Spring To-Do list!  It’s a fun list too – Lots of crafts, de-cluttering and sewing, and more sewing, another favorite holiday or two.  Should be fun, if I can locate my brain that is.


Sara said...

That must have been so scary! I'm glad your neighbor called!

My little one was "lost" once, too. I knocked on the neighbor's door several times where she should have been playing. All the other neighbor kids were out but no answer at the door. We got the whole family out to look for her and started yelling for her. The other kids insisted she was at that house where we had looked and they pounded on the doors and peeked in windows until someone came. They had just been in the basement and the tvs were up too loud for the nanny to hear the door! I cried my eyes out after that!

I hope you're okay. Hugs.

SuburbanCorrespondent said...

If you could take care of my muffin top while you're at it, that would be great.

MommyJ said...

Ok, so when you find your mind, will you ask it where mine is and have it give me a call?

Anonymous said...

You're so sweet Fawndear. I feel bad you were so scared. I would have brought her right back if I hadn't been in the middle of my session with Mrs. Darling. :) I'm just glad that if she does decide to go on an adventure, she can come to a safe place. By the way, she's got such a cute imagination. She thinks I have a "treasure chest"...the chest I keep my weights in...and when I was doing back kicks, the sun was coming in the window and she thought I was kicking at the "fairies"-the little dust particles that catch the beams. She's adorable.

Trena Doll said...

It seems like several of your kids have been pretty fearless at that age - taking off on their own adventures, etc. So don't worry; there's still hope that she'll grow out of it. Just be glad she's not driving yet :)
Hang in there dearie.

princessmama said...

One time my littlest disappeared. He was only 1 1/2 at the time and we weren't aquainted with any of our neighbors at the time, not to mention they weren't all that close (not close enough for an eighteen month old to visit anyway). I searched and searched the house and yard for about 15 minutes calling and calling. Wanna know where I found him? Sitting perfectly silently inside an empty cupboard. lol

Good luck with your new personal trainer:) Have fun kicking that extra weight in the butt:)

Treasure Ann said...

Hi Fawn, thanks for checking on me. I've been off line and things have been challenging but I'm hanging in there. Thank God. I also thank God for friends like you. God bless you.

Lisa Olander said...

You are awesome! I am sorry you were scared. You have survived so many child and personal ventures. I lost my princess at Disneyland...that was enough for me since she was only 2yrs...sneaky child got out of the stroller and I thought she was with her dad (ahead of us) but when I caught up with him he didn't have her. This too shall pass and too quickly you will later think. You are in our prayers. Glad to see you are out there since I haven't gotten email responses. Can't wait for this summer! With all this wealth of stories, you should make a book of Adventures. Good luck with the training...I am too chicken to try one of those.