Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Blessed Child

I've resolved to not use the word 'freakin' so much this year. Instead I'm replacing it with Blessed pronounced 'Bless-Ed'. You know trying to remind myself constantly that kids are truly a blessing from above no matter what it is they do. Because I usually use the word in conjuction with an action that they've taken.

My Blessed Three Year Old has already Christened our newly painted walls, with her mad artistic skills.

2009 - winter 014

I don't know who got the permanent markers down out of the lock box on top of the fridge.

Oh, it was me. 'Sigh' as I thump my forehead with my palm.

Thank goodness for Magic Eraser and leftover paint.


The Blessed Liquid Sunshine ( not the big blinding yellow ball of gas) is back with a vengeance, courtesy of a tropical (50 degrees warm) Pineapple Express direct from the recently flooded islands of Hawaii. Washing away Mr. Snowman in a matter of hours.

2009 - winter 015

The rapid melt along with the downpour will flood our valley sometime tonight or tomorrow. We are high and dry but I'm praying for the farms by the river.

2009 - winter 009


princessmama said...

I'm trying not to use freakin' so much after hearing my eight-yr- old use it. Correctly I might add.

Katrine said...

I just wrote about my baby christening my walls today! We both have an artist on our hands.

Tink said...

Kids! No matter what, they find a way to write on the walls. Even if you hadn't left the markers out, I'm sure some other scheme would have been found to get to them. Ha! You have a little Picasso in the works! She'll thank you later in life when she's making it big as an artist ;0)

SuburbanCorrespondent said...

I love Magic Eraser!