Saturday, January 31, 2009

Ready or Not, February is Here!

Tomorrow the Electronics go OFF!  I guess I should clarify - Electronic Entertainment equipment.  Thankfully we are not going all the way back to the days of horse and buggy.  But there will be No TV, Rock Band, Nintendo DS, Blog Surfing - It's all off for the entire month.    You can read more about why HERE on the Big Family Blog I contribute to. 

No I won't be gone for a month.  I'll still post, but I won't be able to surf or visit all my wonderful blog friends for a while.  I'm trying to discover my family.  I love you guys and you bet I'll be all over your blogs like syrup on pancakes come March 1st.  But please forgive my absence.  I've got to get rid of this nasty award.


I've also got to say something other than 'Later' or 'Not right now,' to my munchkin's.  I need to play with them and teach their imaginations how to grow and flourish.

So how did we get ready to unplug today...  We stayed plugged in the live-long day.  Well the kids did at least.

I sewed an apron for my upcoming apron swap and Prince Erik set Rat Traps.  I won't say which kind because certain kinds like these are illegal in our area  like these.

 rodent trap

Why?  Because they may injure a small puppy or cat or child.  According to our wonderful county executive head honcho.

Maybe we spent the boo-ko bucks and purchased a Rat Hotel like this...

rat hotel 

So we can humanely capture the little errant, disease-ridden pets.  I know if I did fork over the arm and leg these cost I could then give them to the county government to take care of.  I'm sure they use tax-payer dollars to painlessly gas the little fur balls.

Maybe we could have bought this little beauty from buy costumes dot com.  Guaranteed to scare the be-jeebers out of any living creature that see's it.

human rat trap

Please, I've got kids here and I'm not messing around with the vermin.  So I plead the 5th as to what form of capture Prince Erik laid out tonight.

Ought to make for another very interesting month. 


Shannon said...

Godspeed my friend, Godspeed!!

Take care and thanks for the link to the large families blog. Very fun!

NadineC said...

Oh my, looks like I waited a little too long to send you this comment! Whenever you "are allowed to" please send me an e-mail with your mailing address and colors you like - so I can send you one of my necklaces I make as a thank-you for leaving a suggested name for them over on my blog. My e-mail address is

princessmama said...

Huzzah!! Have fun unplugged! :-)

Jonathan & Cheri said...

Where did you read that rat traps are illegal? We bought one at True Value in town and we used it to catch a rat in our backyard. Of course we did catch a Blue Jay first ;)
Good for you for shutting off everything - so inspiring =)