Saturday, January 10, 2009


Flood graph

So as the waters start to recede from the Record Setting Flood - YEAH!!! and before we can do anything about cleaning up the mess it left behind there are a few things we are doing to keep us distracted. Like...


Going down to the river to be Looky Lou's at the water for the 10th time.

2009 - winter 062

Princess misses the snow which is why she's still wearing the boots.  That and our family lacks any kind of fashion forward thinking.  Just wear what you can find.

We also visit the Grocery Store - not because we have to - because we were totally stocked up before this happened -  but to watch the food fly from the perishable items shelves.

2009 - winter 065

This is what it looks like less than 48 hours after all roads were closed.

2009 - winter 064

Ya gotta do something to forget that mail, paper, and garbage pick-up won't be coming for yet another week.  So what do you do.

You go to an impromptu Beach Party and eat only summer salads, smoothies, and chips, hosted by other mom's going just as stir-crazy as yourself.

2009 - winter 048

Here's Fancy's daughter and another fashion forward friend.  Only she is fashion forward compared to our herd.

2009 - winter 057

Oh, and since it's the New Year and you've got the cleaning bug and no where to go. You kick out the clutter monster from the Front Room.

Chrstmas08 232

Oh, that feels much better.


we wanted to forget the painting mess that contributed to this scene.  And rearranged furniture from different rooms in our home.


Hooray!  I have ONE room in my house totally clutter free.


Now don't get me wrong it's not white glove clean, and I realize that I need to let go of everything Brown.  I'm not that ambitious, just yet. But in this room everything has a place and it takes me no time at all to put things away.  My first Clutter-Free Zone in years. 

I'm on a mad clutter monster purge quest thingy here.  And I'm going to do the best I can while the inspiration to eradicate is so strong.  That and it beats going down to the river for the 11th time.

Good news - we are no longer an island, but to get out of town we would have to take a near 50 mile detour.  Our main road out of town is above water now but has significant damage.

  damaged road

I didn't take this picture and the person who did isn't saying who they are just yet so I'll let you know as soon as I find out.  They figure our main road out will be closed through the weekend.  We really don't need to go anywhere so we are staying put.   But pictures like this kind of makes you not want to see the damage done that's still hiding underwater.


Trena Doll said...

I was wondering...does keeping a room clutter-free involve making it a kid-free zone as well?

That beach party looked super fun.

fawndear said...

No it won't be a kid-free zone but it will be a mommy monster zone if they bring and leave stuff in it that doesn't belong.

Faith said...

Wow. Those pictures are kinda scary. Like something in a movie...

Sara said...

Your kids may not be fashion-forward, but they can evidently walk on water! lol.

Clutter-free zone looks great! I cleaned up some Christmas yesterday and haven't put back out the knick-knacks. I might just NOT.

And yeah, I'd be trying not to think of the damage hiding under the water, too.

princessmama said...

Good idea havning a party to keep you sane! And, hey, mismatched socks are in:) At least, you can find them for sale at higher prices than the regular old matchy ones. Isn't that funny?

That road damage looks crazy. I don't blame you for not wanting to think about what's still hiding.

~TAMY 3 Sides of Crazy~ said...

This happened to us in So Cal in 2005 and it was a 90 mile each way detour for me to go to work. I was lucky that I was a bookkeeper and started working from home, just going into the office once a week. I hope the clean up goes quickly and easily!

Nancy said...

Totally cute girl at the beach party :)

Teresa Porter said...

That road damage is really scary. Stay safe out there!

and thanks for visiting me.


Anonymous said...

I can remember seeing the power behind the waters in flash floods and in hail storms and i stood in awe of that power. I am thankfull you took the pictures for your postarity and us. I Love how your clutter free room turned out. The Love seat looks so good between the book shelves. I am looking forward to see how you arange your music/family room. I to have been suprized how little new coverage you get up there. I never heard anything when you had that week last year of power outage.
Love Ya Momah

BoufMom9 said...

OMGosh! The damage to the road is just incredible! WOW! Awful!
Glad that moms decided to do something to break up the "crazies". the party looks like a great idea.
The house looks fantastic! good use of all that time!

SuburbanCorrespondent said...

That room looks great!

Bet my kids could mess it up in 10 seconds...