Sunday, January 18, 2009

Permission to Play in the Mud.

Ah, The Busy Life!  It seems life is coming at us way to fast to comprehend half of what's going on.  So as not to forget that these things actually happened I thought I'd post a snapshot of our crazy life.


The flood clean-up has begun.  Prince Erik took the boys out to help fix fences covered with debris over the weekend and we are scheduled to help clean out someone's barn tomorrow.  It will kind of be fun.  Permission to play in the mud - Granted.

We also played big time celebrating two family birthdays.  Lea turned 10!  Someone please slow down the clock.  My kids are growing to fast.

2009 - winter 187

Prince Erik also celebrated a very quite birthday.  And no matter how fast that life clock goes he will always be a big kid. 

 2009 - winter 212

Proof in Point - Here he is playing Kung Fu Panda on the DS, with two little zombies attached to his person.

I crazily taught two different art lessons at my daughter's school in the past few days and have another scheduled for this week.  I love teaching art. 

2009 - winter 233

However, we have an assigned curriculum that I sometimes wish I could deviate from.  Some of the projects are great fun...

2009 - winter 228 

And other projects - Not Exactly. 

There's something about being cooped up in January that get's my creative juices flowing. 


I've been having fun crafting and sewing.  Couldn't help but turn a tablecloth into some fun aprons for my girls and myself.  In fact, I'm having a hard time getting them to take their's off.   


I've posted a very long (picture heavy) tutorial over on my other home HERE on how you can make these aprons yourself.  You know, just in case you decided to channel Maria Von Trapp or Giselle from Enchanted and make your clothes from household linens.

Not everything I made turned out.  I was trying to make a different kind of biscuit with my girls.  Subbing healthy stuff like wheat flour for white and soy milk for real milk.  Well, at least they looked great.


But honestly, they were the worst biscuits that I've eaten in my entire life.  In fact I couldn't even swallow the first bite.  Blah!  I imagine they tasted about as good as the Hard Sea Biscuits you read in the ocean adventure books.

Thus, as a typical week goes there are sometimes failures, messes, and over scheduling life.

But what makes it all worthwhile is this...

After an extremely hard and busy day I came upstairs and came upon Hope teaching her sock monkey how to pray.  It was a wonderful reminder to this old grouchy lady that no matter how busy life gets we should never forget all our blessing and we should always show Gratitude to the Big Guy upstairs through action and most importantly through prayer.

2009 - winter 179


joni said...

Fawn, I love your blog and I am so happy I can catch up to you! Wow! You amazes me just like you always have! I can't believe how big your kids are! Erik looks the same! Tell him I said hi! We have a family blog too! Check it out sometime!
Love ya!

princessmama said...

have you tried whole wheat pastry flour? In our pre gluten-free days this is what I used and even my brother who professes to hate whole wheat couldn't tell the difference when we made cookies.

Susanne said...

That is so sweet that Hope was teaching her monkey to pray! ♥ I LOVE little moments like that!