Saturday, January 31, 2009

Oh Rats!

Theyyyy'rrreee Baaaacccckkk!!!

And not the cute, fuzzy, endearing creatures the movie makers want us to believe are out there.


They were more like the R.O.U.S's from the Princess Bride.


O.K. not quite that big. Maybe this is a bit closer to what the creature brought to my mind.

evil rat

I'd much rather deal with mice.

The sucker I saw this morning, as I flicked on the kitchen light, had to have been six inches long (NOT COUNTING THE TAIL). What would that have made him - like a foot long creature from the dark abyss. Like some mutant from a government experiment gone bad. He made a quick get - away via the last bit of unfinished sub-floor under our Red-Neck Sink.


Time to clean up the table scrapes. I guess our slothful dining habits, when not cleaned up, create mutant rats.

I know what Prince Erik is doing this weekend.

fighting the rat

And what I'm doing until he finishes the nasty job.


Excuse me while I shiver and shudder for the millionth time this morning.


Happy Mama said...

I think you just gave me the best motivation to clean up the house.
Stinkbugs make me scream. Rats would kill me.

princessmama said...


You will not believe word verification for this comment is 'rodedent' but all smashed together in those blue letters it looks like 'rodent' lol

UK lass in US said...

We have an avocado tree next to the garage, so it shouldn't have been a big surprise to see a rat in there one night, but you should have seen me jump out of my skin when the little blighter scampered past. I prefer wee little mice, too...

Aunt Pitty Pat's said...

Aggggg those darn things just creep up on you.. I had to go on a mouse hunt last weekend and I killed 8 and saw two more.... I think we have had a colder than usual winter and they have come in. That being said, I don't have a cat in the house any more... So out went traps and bars to kill them!!!! One was up in my sewing room... I just hate micies to piecies!!!!!!

Trena Doll said...

Once more unto the breach in the subfloor, once more;
And close the holes up with the rodent dead.
In peace there's nothing so becomes a homeowner
As calm and stillness and serenity;
But when the scritchings of vermin fill our ears,
Then imitate the action of the exterminator;
Hold hard the breath, and bend up every spirit
To her full daring. On, on you noblest rat-killer.
The game's afoot!
Supress your trembling; and upon this charge
Cry, "I'll get you rotten rats! and you little mice too!"

Debra said...

I couldn't read your post without shuddering a few times myself

Milaka said...

We have a corner of our yard that is covered in ivy. Just right for a nest for those nasty little things. I've seen them several times running across the back of the yard. My uncle is building me an owl house to place in the tree above the ivy corner. I didn't want to use poison or traps because the neighbor's cat sometimes visits back there (for a snack?). In anticipation of the added link to the food chain, we've taken to calling the rats by "pet" names: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.

Anonymous said...

You are my kind of girl. I would be up in the chair with you.