Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Mommy's a Witch

So I ended up taking Hope with me last week when I met with my Young and Gorgeous Counselor and she merrily and lively started engaging her in a conversation about Build-A-Bear's and coloring books and other things that interest 3 year old wee ones. I was only half paying attention to what she saying and secretly chewing myself out for not trying harder to get her a sitter. She was draining my time and I needed it. Then she threw me for a loop when they started talking about me.

My jaw hit the floor when Hope said, ' My mommy's a witch.'

Of course I responded, 'But Hope don't you think Mommy's a very nice witch.' (See I let you play your Build-A-Bear game on Nintendo DS and buy you a brand spankin' new coloring book and crayons so you'll let me have a conversation with my counselor)?

'No Mommy's a Bad Witch, a very Bad Witch.' she whispered her eye's as big as saucers.

'What?' Now I'm starting to sweat because she's ratting me out to my counselor. And here I was thinking I was doing O.k.

'And I'm a munchkin,' She proudly proclaimed.

'I hope, I think that she's referring to Halloween when I was Oz's the Wicked Witch of the West and she was a Munchkin' (in more ways than one), I explained to my smiling Young and Gorgeous Counselor. I hope she bought my reasoning.

Earlier that day we had seen a doll of the Wicked Witch when we were wandering through an antique mall. Hope quickly pointed her out and told me, 'that's you mommy.'

So next year I think I'll be an angel for Halloween. But with my luck Hope will still refer to me as the Bad Witch.

I don't blame her. I've been sticking to my guns with the whole healthy kick. Which I have to admit has made me a bit of a grouch this week. It was worth it thought. DOWN 3 lbs. Wa-hoo! Only 30 more to go. Boo-hoo! So worth it. But I've got to work on the grumblies cause they are starting to rub off on the rest of the herd. That and now my counselor know's my secret identity.


Brandi said...

I am sure you will laugh about this in a few years! Good for you for sticking to the diet. I am sure in the end it will become a lifestyle and not just a diet!

Natalie said...

It gets easier...all that stuff they stick in food must be as addictive as the hard stuff because I swear you go through withdrawals, lol. Now that I've been eating mostly organic/healthy for a while the naughty stuff actually tastes really gross and chemically...which I didn't think would ever be possible because it used to taste so dang yummy :-p

My daughter has come up with some stuff that has floored me (and turned my cheeks red) over the years but the bad witch thing had me chuckling over here,


utmomof 5 said...

Hee Hee that is pretty dang funny!!

Keep going with the healthy stuff, it will be worth it!!

Mel said...

LOL. that was so funny! It makes me wonder what my kids would say about me if given the chance;O

Good for you with the health kick... I've got to get going with that again.

princessmama said...

Thank you, I needed a laugh:)

So true what natalie said, I tried to eat some doritos the other day and they were GROSS! They tasted like chemicals and I thought "I used to love these????" Yeah. Doesn't stop me from eating the organic, chemical free yummy potato chips tho. Sigh...

MyKidsMom said...

Hahaha; that is too funny!

We did the Oz theme as well this year, but I opted to go with Glenda over the "mean" one. Which I admit was probably the more boring choice of the two, but I already had the dress:)

Toni said...

Fawn, just wanted to say CONGRATS on the 3 pounds and DONT beat yourself up on the 30 to go. Look at where you started and where your now. I'm amazed at you and your strenght. Someday we'll have to run together.