Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year Surprise!!!

   happy new year 

O.K. I can't wait any longer.  My surprise isn't totally ready but I really wanted to give you a gift for the New Year!  So I'll give it to you a bit early.

Remember back when mom's used to share information on Homemaking over the garden fence. 

over the fence

Today we have a secret weapon up our sleeves that helps us to visit each other and share useful information via the good ole computer.


Ever notice how many INCREDIBLE, TALENTED, And AMAZING Ladies there are out there who take the time to share their creative talents, and insights with us all?  I Have!!!

So I wanted to spread some blessing around.  Share some of the wonderful talents and tutorials that I've found in my adventures in Blogging.

I also wanted to share some of the things that have helped me in being a mother.  Heaven know's I still need help.

So Welcome to my Gift to You


Banner Large V

My first gift is a Household Planner I've made and have been using since 2003 (Updated of Course).  So over the next couple of weeks I'll give you free PDF's of all my planner pages. 

Christmas-08 082

Don't worry Mommy Blessings is not going to take me away from my regular posts here at FawnDear.  I'm sure there is plenty of wild and crazy antic's my kids have up their sleeves and are waiting to prank me with.  I just wanted a more dedicated site of sharing Homemaking goodies.

If you have places where you have seen great tutorials of crafts, sewing, cooking, organizing, and basically homemaking skills galore  - email me and I'll post them on Mommy Blessings.

I hope you each have an AMAZING and WONDERFUL New Year!  Thank you all for sharing your talents, wisdom, heartaches and successes.  There is so much we can learn from each other and I've learned a great deal from you all.

Mommy Blessings is still in the construction stage so if some buttons don't work - stick with me.  I'll get to them super soon.




Faith said...

What a neat idea! I've used this blog for simple things like her awesome tutorial on blanket stitching:

I wish you much luck in keeping up with this new endeavor! Oh, and thanks for sticking one of my items in your little Etsy sidebar :)

Sara said...

You simply must put in The Backpacking Cakester. She has wonderful tutorials on cake-making, and candy-making from Christmas.

Here's where she had "Candy School":

Her cake blog is:

Tink said...

That's awesome Fawn Dear! What a great idea. I'll be heading over to take a sneek peak!

SuburbanCorrespondent said...

Great idea!

Treasure Ann said...

Wow, I'm excited. I'm going to check it out right away. I haven't forgotten about you know what. Please, please bear with me. I'm getting that out to you, promise.
Have a great, blessed, and prosperous New Year.