Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Wuss Cards and Re-do's.

I tried to suppress a silly grin as the blood sucker apologized for his cold hands.  You'd think I'd grow up someday and stop fantasizing about a girly chick book, but NO.

Picture 583 

And unlike last time when they turned me away because my blood lacked the desired metal (iron).  This time they said Sure!    So they proceeded to drain my blood all the while I'm laying there stupidly thinking about vampires, and Forks, WA and what-not.  Then afterwards as I was enjoying a cookie and fruit drink (diet no-no's) the 17 year old sitting next to me told me something was wrong.  I gasped as I saw how pale white he was. 


Then my heart stopped beating, in fear, as he slowly slumped towards me.

I haven't been near too many people who have fainted.  Never one I knew personally.

The 17 year old was my son Abner, who had also just finished giving blood.  And even though it was his third time donating, this time was different.

About 20 seconds later he was looking at me, and the blood sucker standing next to me, completely confused and asking if he had just fainted. 

'Yep' I said as my heart restarted.

'Great', he commented, ' I just earned my Wuss card.'

I tried to comfort him and tell him that at least he wasn't at school, surrounded by his peers, when this happened.  We were in the mobile blood donation bus.  We tried to pin the whole experience on the fact that he probably hadn't hydrated good enough the day before.

They finally let us go around an hour later after his blood pressure returned to normal. 


Me sporting my neon green wrap and him proudly wearing his wuss badge.  And yes he kindly gave me permission to tell everyone how he earned it.  Maybe it helped that he was half out of it when I asked if I could.


So back at home I've finished tackling the clutter in our music room.  It's the room connected to our kitchen, and seeing how we just painted the kitchen, it got a new coat of color as well.  We are re-purposing rooms in our home, rearranging furniture, kicking out clutter, you know, fun stuff.  So here's a before shot of our music turned family room.

Picture 481

And after some new paint, rearranged furniture from the old school room, and getting rid of lot's of clutter.  Behold...


And here's another wall in the same room.  The Before cluttered shot.

Picture 483

And the After...


The old, lighter bookshelves we put in the front room and we pulled these shelves and entertainment center in from our back room.

And the back room.  Since it's no longer a school room/library, well, Prince Erik has given me permission to turn it into my craft room, my art studio, my what-ever room.   

I can't wait to figure out what to do with it.  My main requirement that I'm giving myself is, get this, NO BROWN.  Something dreamy, light and airy. and colorful.    Wa-Hoo!  I'm going to take my time designing and setting it up with pennies for a budget, because it has to be affordable and I really want it to look nice, organized and clutter free.  Someplace I can invited friends over to craft with me.  Somewhere where my imagination will be sparked, somewhere where I can share a wee bit of my Mommy blessings  with others.   Can you tell I'm just itching with excitement?  Me and my imagination - what a pair.


Desiree Fawn said...

Awe, thanks for stopping by my blog ^_^ It's always nice to see another Fawn :)

Brandi said...

The room looks great! And way to go for giving blood!!!!

Sara said...

Looking good! I can't believe the changes you're making. Is the living room still clutter-free?

Faith said...

Well, tell your son that I think he's very brave. I don't believe that I can give blood because of my thyroid disease, and I am mortified to say that I'm selfishly glad of it, as I'm pretty sure I would be too afraid to do it. I get stuck with needles often, but they don't drain all of my blood.

Yay for you getting a room all to yourself! Too exciting!

SuburbanCorrespondent said...

I am so taking my oldest daughter's room for a craft room when she leaves for college.

joni said...

I love what you are doing with your house! It is amazing to me what a can of paint can do for a room! Wish it was cheaper, but still for what it does it is cheap! Also thanks for sharing the story of giving blood! I have never done that and it scares me to death! Tell your son he is no Wuss in my book! It is werid to think we have sons almost the same age. What happen to us? I turn around one day and my was a baby and now he is driving! Time goes so fast! I love being able to catch up with you! Oh my mom says hi and to tell your mom hi! She wants me to get your address too!

utmomof 5 said...

Tell your son he would only be a wuss if he was too scared to give blood in the first place!

The rooms look FAB!! And yea for your own craft room!

Tink said...

Kudos to you and your son giving blood! I'm not supposed to give any more even tho I have the coveted O negative blood. The last time I gave blood, I passed out, had a grand mal seizure, my blood pressured dropped into the danger zone and an ambulance ordered. It's never happened before nor since but was a scary experience! They told me to seriously consider not donating. Lol! And the room looks GREAT!

princessmama said...

He's not a wuss for giving blood!! I wouldn't dream of giving blood lol...

You are not alone in your twilight obsession heehee. Although in spite of the blood I don't know if i'd be thinking of twilight with a needle in my arm!

It's so exciting you get a craft room, yay. Have lots of fun decorating it:-)

Nancy said...

That EXACT same thing happened to me when I gave blood when I was 17....I fainted into my Mother's arms! The sad thing is that has stuck with me and I haven't given blood since. I have birthed three children, but am afraid to give blood...hmmmmm... Anyway, don't let Mr. Abner get freaked out by it either...as I'm sure he won't.