Thursday, January 15, 2009

Hello My Name is FawnDear...

and I'm a clutter-holic/emotional eater/addicted to computer Whatz-Her-Bucket.

And about now, I'm extremely grateful that I didn't set any New Years Goals because they would have all crashed and burned.  What with all the emotions of Flooding, Snowstorm from Hades, and the blasted house being invaded by rot, I turned to comfort food.  Gained those typical holiday lbs - plus some.

Fortunately for me I've a bunch of Loser Friends too.

2009 - winter 236

Here's our gang signal. 

We meet once a week to get a new health challenge - last week was food tracking.  This week - drown ourselves with drinking a bucket load of water each and every day, then spending half the day running to the restroom.  I've not been as consistent with blogging because I'm so grouchy right now - Sugar withdrawal is killer.  I expect to be over it in a couple of days.

There are about 17 ladies in our group and the first week we lost a combined 37 lbs.  Not too shabby.  I think I was the loner gainer.  My lame excuse was two family birthdays, and emotional eating (what with the flood and being cooped up in the house with six kids for a month- it could drive anyone nuts). 

That was last week - This week I'm just a hair off perfect.    I've even got my allotted water in before 6 p.m. so as not to spend the night running to the bathroom.  I even ran 2  1/2 miles this morning.  Next week I expect something positive- I mean negative numbers on the scale.

After we get our challenge for the week, we watch the Biggest Loser while doing Yoga poses.  'DAR-ling' our team leader is the best!  I've learned more body twisting pretzel moves from her than I'd care to remember,  but it's all worth it.  And doing it with other chicks in the same boat doesn't hurt.

We totally criticize the 'Biggest Loser' show in the unrealistic way they exploit the contestants and make them lose the weight with a lifestyle that's totally not sustainable.  Come-on who is going to exercise 6-8 hours a day for the rest of their lives.  It's sad. 

We've even got a bigger excuse to watch the show.  Season One's Winner's Sister is in our group.  Sad thing is - he gained the weight back.  All of it - I think!  It's heart-breaking.  These people need more help than Bob and Jillian can give them.  They need therapy, to find out what their triggers are and they need to learn healthy living skills and incorporate those habit into the lives they lead at home.  Not lose it at a fat camp then go home and be immersed into their old lives. 

All that aside, we set there and cry and cheer and boo the contestants as they overcome hurdles, gain self confidence, and make mistakes.

Our bonus - each of us put $15 into a jar last week.  17 x 15 = a whole hunk of change.   The person who's lost the biggest percentage of body weight (not pounds) at the end of 15 weeks get's the whole $ pot. You know - to spend on a new wardrobe or whatever. 

I've got no more excuses - no more family birthdays, no more scheduled flood days (knock on wood), no more stress (Well it doesn't hurt to dream does it.  I'm going for it.  Maybe I can be a real Loser after all.   Now I need to go take some Ibuprofen for my aching muscles.


Sara said...

That's great to have a local support group with a team leader. And that motivation-in-a-jar!

I'm in MommyLife's Google group, which is great, but I'm not doing so well. Good luck with yours!

Trena Doll said...

I'm always vaguely disappointed that my stress doesn't bring on symptoms like "emotional dish-washing" or "compulsive closet-straightening". What is it with stress eating anyway?!? Time to stock up on celery sticks, I guess.

And don't worry about the whole 'I'd-definitely-have-broken-my-Resolutions-by-now' thing. I'm still trying to decide what my '09 resolutions will be. 11 1/2 months to go! :)

Dawn said...

Yay that's my sign too:) We say it means LOVE you:)

Call me, my friend needs help at her barn on Monday, she said she can baby sit while we work.

princessmama said...

Cheers! Keep up the good work! :)