Thursday, January 8, 2009



It's bad...  We woke up this morning to learn that our little community became an island overnight.  All roads leading in and out are flooded.  And it will be like that for a few days.  The water is still rising.  Yesterday I drove around and took a couple of quick pictures because I knew it was coming.

2009 - winter 009

24 hours later...


Here is another before shot.  Sorry it's fuzzy -  I took it while driving because traffic wasn't stopped at that point.

2009 - winter 013

Again 24 hours later.


I love this little farm.  It's on the other side of the valley.

2009 - winter 010

Since we are flooded and I can no longer drive over there I had to take a picture of it from my side of the valley.  Yes it's under water.


This is a way common site.


That folks is a power line dragging in the flood waters.


Keep our area in your prayers.  All told 30,000 people have been evacuated.  We are high enough up that there is no danger for our home, but so many others are affected.  I just heard on the news that it is the highest flood levels (in our valley) since 1932.  It's Bad!


Kiwi said...

Wow, I can't believe how quickly the water has taken over your town. I hope all is well at your house. Stay safe.

Toni said...

Oh, WOW, I knew it was bad up there, but not that bad. If you want send it this way, the skiers want it, although I dont. Just stay safe.

Tink said...

Oh NO! That's truly-truly awful! You are in our prayers. Please be safe! How scary this must be for your and your family! You are in our prayers.

Deanna said... that is some major flooding....

I hope your house is ok.

Natalie said...

You're definitely in my prayers & thoughts! Hope it dissipates quickly!!!

Keep us posted please,


Terri said...

OH no! I will say prayers! 24 hours! wow, doesn't take long, does it? I will keep your community in our prayers. Stay safe!

Anonymous said...

oh my gosh!! we had some bad flooding here in June. Hope everyone is alright.

Jodi said...

Holy High Tide Batman! THat is unreal! You were so smart to take the before shots! Is your home affected at all? Hope not! I will keep your community in my prayers! Looks like it's time to build an ark!

Natalie said...

Hi! So I was looking through your old posts and found your blog reading level; you are marked high school. I tried it and they marked mine Genius! So I'm bragging a little. But I'd be scared of it flooded here in CA! Though all it does is rain. Bloye!

Susanne said...

Those are amazing pictures! Your town will be in our thoughts and prayers. I hope the water levels go down quickly!

Honey Mommy said...

Oh my! That happened so quickly. It is so strange that you are having so much rain and we are having so much snow. Keep safe!