Sunday, October 12, 2008

Mummified Munchies & More

So in keeping with our low-sugar, less-poundage packing Halloween I’ve included a few recipes over at my other group blog.

We're torturing dogs at our home. Care for an edible mummy?

Guts Galore…

Or Creepy Crawlers?

Enter at your own risk!

What are some of your Healthier Halloween Food suggestions?


Mel said...

The dogs and the creepy crawlies are kind of cute! The guts... now that makes my stomach churn!

I must be a boring mom because I don't have any creative ideas like that! I will check back to steal yours and others. What a fun mom you are!

Treasure Ann said...

Hi fawndear, thanks for signing on my blog. I have a message their for you. I'll be adding you to my blog list. Enjoy your sleep. By the way love your blog.

Faith said...

Thanks for forwarding that blog along to me! That mommy definitely has a creative streak that I'm jealous of!

MommyJ said...

okay, now the big dish of guts is just gross! Here through a series of random clicks, I think through suburban correspondant, and Tori... dont' quite have a half dozen kids, but staying busy with four, for now anyway.

great blog... I'll come again.

BoufMom9 said...

I just think these are all so fabulous!
Thanks so much for sharing!
We are doing an Indiana Jones themed dinner on Friday night and I think I am going to make the intestines :)