Wednesday, October 1, 2008

What? Me forget Halloween?

No, I haven’t forgotten Halloween! And for those who are just getting to know me you will soon find out how nuts I am over this holiday. Family themed costumes, forcing the kids to sing and dance for their goodies, parties, healthy food. Did I just say 'Healthy' in conjuction with Halloween? See I am a little off my rocker, but in a good way.

I’m going to pull out the stops this year and do both Christmas and Halloween at the same time. They may have to ship me off to the funny farm when all is said and done, but my family will be smashing in our matching costumes and I’ll be able to relax over Christmas.

Yes, I decided on a theme – the boys aren’t too thrilled but are willing to play along as long as I let them foot the bill to buy an extra costume of their choosing for the big night. What me? Complain that they want to spend their money instead of mine? I’m good with that. They will have to wear the theme costume to family involved shindigs though. We are revisiting one of our old favorites and doing the...

So here’s a sneak peek at who’s playing who.

Prince Erik – The Witches ‘Oreo’ Soldier. Watch the Movie they march around chanting ‘Or – Eo’.

Me, Myself and I – Wicked Witch.

My kids might want to be singing the ‘Ding-Dong, The Witch is Dead’ song by the time the end of the month roles around.

AbnerTin Man


Cowardly Lion

Glenda the Good Witch She’s got the golden wavy hair down pat. Won’t even have to try and make her look like Glenda!


HopeA Munchkin (what else) She’s got the perfect height and curly hair

Boots & Chilly (Princess’s Build-A-Bear Monkeys) will be going as Toto and a Flying Monkey.

My Halloween goal – To only spend $100 on costumes (all ten of them), handouts, décor, you know the whole sha-bang. And that's it! Not a penny over. I think I can do it. I found a blue and white gingham slip cover ($4.99) at the local thrift store that I’m going to make over for Princess’s costume. And found some great curtains ($2) that when dyed will be perfect for Evo-man’s main costume. I don’t think I’ll have a problem finding material for the costumes that way. Yeah for thrift stores! The main expense will be in accessorizing.

So here’s what I’m doing for my Halloween countdown this week.

1. Pull out and put up Decorations. They are stored under our house and while I'm getting the Halloween boxes out I'm going to go ahead and get out the Christmas lights at the same time. Why waste a trip. I plan on finding a dry nice weather day, after I look at the 10-day forecast, to hang the lights. There’s no way I’m doing it on a rain, ice, snow slicked Thanksgiving Eve again.

2. Start sewing the costumes that I have the supplies for now – this week. I’m going to have to average at least 3 costumes a week to be ready on time. I’ll probably have to turn the dining room into a sewing room for a month, but I’ll try and get some Christmas sewing in as well. If sewing isn't your thing and you can't find what you need at the local thrift store do some internet searching on inexpensive costume ideas. It's amazing what you'll find.

I might have to make November my cleaning month to make up for putting Prince Erik through the dirty house blues.

3. Plan your Halloween on Paper. We are doing a Healthy Halloween again this year.

That means we aren’t buying candy to hand out. See I’ve learned so much over the past two years about family health and I know several children that suffer from diabetes and childhood obesity. I will definitely fill you in on our plans as far as the healthy and non-food alternatives we plan to use. Plus, if I buy the candy, well I’d have to kiss my $100 to Smiley good-bye because I have no self-control around chocolate or any kind of candy for that matter.

Anyway, I’ve got to launder my thrift store finds and unpack some holiday boxes.


Honey Mommy said...

You are my hero. I have two young boys and their costumes are totally not related at all. I don't even know if my hubby and I will dress up!

I think you have the right idea about Christmas though! I need to get busy getting everything done so it can be fun!

Dominique said...

Impressed with your Halloween planning. You are going to be rock.

Susanne said...

Oh, I CAN'T WAIT to see your costumes. Whenever I find myself in a conversation about costumes, I always tell people about you and your amazing themed costumes. It has inspired me to do a theme. We're going to do Sleeping Beauty this year (since I already have the kids costumes that I pulled together for Disneyland) so Kate will be Aurora, Gavin is going to be Prince Phillip, and Nate and I are going to be the King and Queen. I wasn't planning on us dressing up until all of my friends from church said that our ward really gets into Halloween. I don't want to be the only adult there in regular clothes, right? But I have to say, Halloween is one of my favorite holidays!