Monday, October 6, 2008

Hassel-Free - Yeah Right!

So I’m keeping up with my Christmas checklist. I’ve almost completed everything so far on my list, Sooooo I’m expanding it to include these three new areas.

Last week I sent poor T-rev to pull out the Halloween decorations from the spooky, rat – infested, spider-webbed cavern other-wise known as under-the-house. While he was at it I had him bring up my two heavy boxes of Holiday Lights. So on my list to do now is…

Sometime over the next two weeks – warm, dry weather permitting I’ll let Evo-man help me hang some sparkle lights on the roof. I always envision it looking something like this…

But usually get something along this line.

But with a little extra time it might turn out o.k. provided I can untangle them.

I’m also going to have my little Elf’s write their letters to Santa.

Now’s a good time because they haven’t been influenced by all the holiday commercials brainwashing them to want the latest and greatest toy. It kind of helps that we have no cable, dish or antenna right now.

Plus if they write their letters now there’s a good chance that Santa will send them something nice in return. You know reward them for not procrastinating until Christmas Eve.

That and I’ll have a better idea of what they want so I can expand my simple Christmas list.

And the last thing I’m working on is starting to tackle those Christmas lists.

I found this darling little pencil holder on clearance in an after-school shopping supply sale and I thought it would be perfect for My Holiday Planner as a Holiday Shopping Helper.

In it I keep a smaller version of my gift list, coupons, pens, and pencils. I always try to keep it in my purse this time of year so that I can pull it out when ever I’m in a store and looking for sales.
The first thing I’m going to try to accomplish on my list is gifts for family and friends that I have to mail. I’m also looking for shipping supplies and hope they go on sale.


  1. Hang some Holiday Lights.

  2. Write Letters to Santa

  3. Organize my Gift List and Shopping Helper.

Only 79 more days to go...


Honey Mommy said...

Oh my word. I need to get busy! At least this year I already have a pre-lit artificial tree. The real one was nice, but a bit costly.

Sara said...

I'm getting overwhelmed.

fawndear said...

yeah - I'm stressing too. But on purpose. I want the stress over with before December so I can really enjoy the month. If it's easier take two weeks to do each checklist.