Saturday, October 25, 2008

Six Things You Never Wanted to Know.

So Sara at Shower of Roses tagged anyone who wants to play along and since I haven’t been tagged for quite a while I thought why not? Why not expose six clackity messy skeletons hidden in my little closet of secret horrors.

1. I Like Dirt! I’m surrounded by it. My kids track it in the house all the time and I like it so much I just leave it there on the floor. Well I don’t like it that much – but I do like working in the yard and garden. Weeding is a stress release for me. My only problem is I really have a hard time finding time to go play (I mean work in the dirt). On the other side of the equation is the fact that I do not like Mud! Go Figure. So my chances of actually getting out to work in dirt are significantly limited because of our constant wet weather. Hence my weedy yard.

2. Someday I want to be a contestant on ‘Wipe-Out’ or ‘The Amazing Race’. Believe it or not those are my favorite TV shows. I want to be the first ever female winner of Wipe-out and look like a total buffoon doing it. The Amazing Race I’d love to do with my world travel experienced husband and with our new strangely fit bodies I think we could handle the physical challenges. Might be a mess on the mental ones, but it would still be fun.

3. The only drawback to the Amazing Race is my Third Secret Fact – I Really don’t like to fly. I won’t fly on the same airplane with my husband because I’m afraid we are going to crash and die and our herd will be left orphans. Turbulence scares the be-geebers out of me and I white knuckle the whole flight. I really don’t like to fly.

4. I’m certified ‘Advanced’ Scuba Diver. It was fun in the fact that I could realize partially a dream of what it must be like to be a mermaid – only with a bulky tank on your back and a horrific looking suit that would scare the most fearsome sea predators within 100 miles away. See back then I was a rather large mermaid. I learned how to Scuba Dive nine years ago. Loved it. But as soon as I was certified and done with classes, I think I only dove once. Someday I’d like to re-certify and actually go to somewhere other than the Puget Sound on a dive – Maybe Cozumel, Mexico.

5. When in High School I was the first official mascot our school had. Official in the fact that I tried out for the position. I’ve been told by two reliable sources (Mom and Dad (Thanks)), that I was the best mascot the school had. After I graduated the Mascot basically trained with the cheer squad and learned cheer routines instead of interacting with the crowd. Let me tell you I could play a mean air-guitar, shoot underhanded baskets, and polish to a shine bald-headed referee’s, pick a fight with the opposing teams mascot all before half-time (and live to tell).

6. Most embarrassing moment was in the mascot costume. You know those dreams that you have where you’re at school in your underwear. Well I’ve never had that dream – I’ve done one better I’ve lived it. So that certain school day I wore a dress and forgot to bring other clothes so I stripped down to my unmentionables undies and donned the costume for the game. Well one particularly annoying little kid decided to take a ride on my tail and I couldn’t shake the little sucker. Unfortunately that was the night that my costume had had enough and decided to seam ripe open the whole backside. So with my backside totally exposed to the entire school student body and parents I made my most speedy exit to the locker rooms.

O.K. I’ve done it. I’ve unleashed my skeletons. What are six randomly weird facts about you that most people don’t know? What’s in your closet? Who else wants to play along?


BoufMom9 said...

So glad to see I'm not the only oe! #3! I so won't fly anywhere with Russ for the exact same reason and everyone in my family thinks I am insane. UGH

LOL about the mascot! Pictures! Pretty please :)

Treasure Ann said...

Hi Fawn Dear, well lets see, I'm also a big fan of Amazing Race. I love that show. So speaking of six things people don't know about me are:
1. I'm a reality show junky. Anything from, of course Amazing Race, Survivors, Big Brother, Wife Swap, etc. That's mostly the only type of t.v. I watch.

2. I have to put in my favorite movie, "Enchanted April" when I'm crocheting. It's just one of those things that fits into my schedule for crocheting time.

3. I love to look up words in the dictionary and thesarus for no appearant reason, especially when I come across words I don't know the meaning of when reading.

4. I love to collect tote bags, mugs and small notebooks. Strange, I know but I like to change up my yarn in various tote bags from time to time. The mugs, well I'm a big tea and cocoa drinker. Ahhh, I bet you thought I was going to say coffee. Sorry, but I'm a big fan of tea, cocoa my number 1 favorite.
The small notebooks are like my little planners for different specific planning. For instance, I have one for planning parties, one for business ideas, one for jotting down ideas for my book, and so on. Amazingly different huh? It's like I function better that way-like it helps keep my day in order.

5. When I'm really bored, I have to bake. It gives me a lift when I can bake and then I like to share with family and friends. I'm sure to give out a lot of gifts then.

6. Here's the kicker, I love British comedy. If anybody is familiar with "Keeping Up With Appearances" and "As Time Goes By" those are my favorite Brit comedies. Now when those 2 shows come on, that's when I get me a nice hot cup of tea, sit down, relax and enjoy my favorite shows.

So that's 6 wierd facts about me. I've enjoyed yours, and I sure did like playing this game. Thanks for the invite.