Monday, October 6, 2008

Playing Tag with Memory Loss

Ever have one of those days. This has been mine today.
Maybe it's because I've been without internet for three days.
Maybe it's because when I went to jog at the track this morning the gates were locked and my jogging key didn't work.
Maybe it's because I had to cancel my visit with my Young and Gorgeous Counselor and going to my exercise body sculpt class because I was home with two sick kids.
And then again, maybe it's because it was raining.
So to top it all off someone wanted to play with my mind today. I’m not laughing. But only because I’m thinking I’m a prime candidate for early onset dementia or Alzheimer’s.

So Mrs. Empress of the Home tagged me – which normally I love because I never get tagged and it means someone actually view’s my little spot of blogging ground. Don't get me wrong I love Mrs. Empress of the Home, I grovel at her all knowing feet she is so creatively talented. It was a fun assignment too. The Premise-


*Go to your Sixth Picture Folder then pick your Sixth Picture.

Could be scary right? You never know what’s lurking in your photo closet of horrors. Could it be a bad hair day, childbirth photo, or you wearing an insanely bad fashion flub? Well I lucked out and found this gem.

Trouble is – other than I know it’s a photo of Lea, I have no recollection of ever taking the darn picture, can’t begin to tell you anything about it, like location, why she’s dressed up as a bloomin’ flower or if she’s at school, church or what. They say you lose brain cells while pregnant, well maybe those six pregnancies sucked my brain dry or I wasn’t even around for this picture. My hope is that my husband attended a school event that I couldn’t go to and took the picture – otherwise I’m in serious brain trouble.

So in hopes of seeing someone else in my boat of brain-less because of big families I’ve decided to tag mom’s of huge families to see if they have any better luck with the whole memory thing. So I’m tagging…

A Shower of Roses

Who Says Eight is Enough

Are They All Yours???

My 5 Little Monkeys

O Laughlin Clan

Good Luck with the memory ladies.


utmomof5 said...

I will so do this but it may be awhile from now :) I am bareley keeping my head above water with all the moving going on here at our house!!!

Oh and you are so not the only one with lost brain cells. I promise!!

BoufMom9 said...

How fun!
I am playing along :)
It will post on Thursday of this week.

ps Sorry to say, I knew EXACTLY when I had done the photo I landed on :)