Monday, May 12, 2008

Angels Among Us.

It was the Best of Days. It was the Worst of Days.

Worst because someone nicked my husband’s work backpack containing his laptop, cycling shoes, wallet, and smelly bike clothes right out of his personal office at work. Of course he talked with security who said they rarely have anything like this happen – so signs are pointing to the temporary painters and carpet layers who have been working in the building lately.

You can guess that his afternoon was occupied with calling around canceling credit cards and all that fun stuff.

Best because of our Angels.

I got a phone call mid-day from our sweet friends Delbert and Michelle and they wanted to join us for Family Home Evening activities and were wondering if it would be o.k. if Delbert brought his good friend the Tractor. I think I had mentioned my secret garden to Michelle not too long ago and she passed the info. on to her sweetie. And since he loves his tractor and has so much fun on it they were hoping that he could come have fun at our home…

Before they came I had T-Rev help me pull up the old planter boxes out of the garden.

'The Gardens before shot.'

Then out of the goodness of his heart and his overwhelming urge to play with his Tractor, Delber attacked our Secret Garden in a good way.

It could be because he was embarrassed at the state of disrepair our little food store has fallen in to recently.

However you'd have to know the real reason is because Michelle and him are those one-in-a-million, down-to-earth, most amazing neighbors who are so Christlike that they would give the shirt off their backs to help anyone.

Another Before: Notice that you can barely even see the planer boxes through all the weeds.

Their generosity probably saved me a good month's worth of yard work. I now might actually have the opportunity to plant a garden before it's too late to plant.

Prince Erik enjoyed some fresh air while drooling over Delbert's toy.

And if Delbert playing with his Tractor wasn't enough, Michelle attacked with a fervor, another front flower bed.

It seems no matter where we have lived there have always been some kind people, angels, friends who for no reason other than to be nice give up an evening or valuable block of time to touch our lives in a Christlike manner, with nothing expected in return.

And being as it was a downer day for my husband, this was the perfect pick-me-up to help restore our faith in the generosity and kindness of others.

So Thank Heaven for angels, especially Delbert and Michelle!


Anonymous said...

Amen to that. I am glad that you were touched by the hand of angels after having such a hard day. We all have that wonderful opportunity to touch someone else's lives. Just look around. Excited to see what you plant.
Love, Aunt Sassy

Trena Doll said...

What fabulous neighbors! What a great story! It almost makes me want to get a tractor...almost. I suppose I would need to get a yard first. ;)