Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Blah Blog Day

I was going to try to attempt a Blog A Day In May – because it sounds fun but then today happened. And today was anything but interesting. If fact it was downright blah. I didn’t sleep well so I was grouchy and tired and very unproductive all day long. Fortunately for me these days don’t happen too often. Thank goodness.

My only note worthy news was Lea mowed her first lawn. She’s been begging me forever. And no I didn’t make her mow the backyard jungle lawn. She got the front lawn that had been mowed a week ago so it was very manageable. She’s a natural and takes after me. As a child I favored outside chores over the inside ones any day.

Nothing else – except the house fell apart because I sat like a lump on the couch feeling tired. It's amazing the damage a half dozen kids can create when mom is out of action - physically or mentally.

On the mental note, I watched the Twilight Teaser Trailer a gazillion times. I had promised my Y & G counselor that I wouldn't read or listen to the Twilight Book series in the house. And that I'd only listen to them while driving or read while waiting at different functions for my kids to finish up. And I've stuck to it, and actually read some other books. I also limited my computer time. But I didn't include Twilight new's updates in my Not-In-The-House deal. So my whole hour of computers was all dedicated to watching the same clip over and over again. See I was so tired today that I didn't realize how pathetic I was until this evening when I started blogging about it. Sigh!

Anyway. I've got to get some more sleep so I can be my chipper, productive self tomorrow. Yeah right. At least I now think I'd better limit my Twilight surfing to once a week instead of once a day.

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