Sunday, May 4, 2008

How's your load?

I know this picture dates me but it's here to make a point. So just ignor the poofy hair and fluffly dress and...

In church today I got a little dose of Mother’s Day a wee bit early. As women we are constantly busy with life, kids, homes, and everything that revolves around them. And all too often it falls to us to keep it all together.
A story was told of a German castle surrounded by King Konrad III. He condemned all the men of the castle to death and told the women and children that they could leave and carry their possessions on their backs. Well the women chose to carry their husbands out and the King didn’t go back on his word. So the men were spared because their wives carried them.

C.S. Lewis said, ‘The homemaker has the ultimate career. All other careers exist for one purpose only – and that is to support this ultimate career.’

So for all you ladies out there, Wow, you are all amazing. With the loads you have to bear in the day in which we live, you are truly inspirational to me.

Above is proof that I can lift my husband every now and then. And yes sometimes I have to grit my teeth and smile. But he's worth it. Even though this pic was taken over 19 years ago - Am I really that old? Regardless of when it was taken I still think I could heft him up. However I would rather wait until he actually takes me to Germany so we could get that picture outside of the actual castle. Until then I’ll keep hauling because he’s a keeper.


Faith said...

What a great story! At least you can lift your husband... mine weighs twice what I do and is a full foot taller! I guess I had better start working out :) That's a swell picture- you have a beautiful smile!

~Susan:) said...

That story rocks!!! I have to wonder if a favorite scene in the Drew Barrymore movie 'Ever After' was inspired by that tale, or just a coincidence?