Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Less than 24 hours later...

Yesterday I bought Hope a cute butterfly, flower decked white sandels. Don't ask me what I was thinking getting white. You would think I would know better by now. I was hoping it would match the little white eyelet dress she has.

Less than 24 hours later...

Hope found Abner's War Hammer painting supplies and was impressed at the speckling effect she could make with the can of black spray paint.

Regrettably the sandals were casualties of her creative efforts.

As was the floor.

We lucked out with the floor however, because it's nothing the magic eraser and a lot of elbow grease can't take care of. I shudder to think how things might have turned out if she had been on the carpet when she tried her latest experiment.
No, I don't make this stuff up. I'm too tired chasing a half dozen kids 24/7 to be creative enought to come up with all these wild creative urges.
Random thought: What in the blazes is elbow grease? Does anyone know the root of the term, and why it's related to hard work? I've never in my life known an elbow that produces grease.


Trena Doll said...

from etymonline.com: Phrase elbow grease "hard rubbing" is attested from 1672, from jocular sense of "the best substance for polishing furniture."

Oh, was that a rhetorical question?

BoufMom9 said...

LOL Great post!
I have honestly NEVER had that happen to shoes, although I have had a child DIRECTLY pour paint onto carpet ON PURPOSE. UGH!
Thanks for popping over and leaving a comment! :)
I always love meeting mommies of big families. It's nice to compare, errr, notes. LOL