Thursday, May 15, 2008

Return of the Dinosaur.

I'm attempting to post this from an old ancient computer in the back room of our home. I ended up loaning my husband my laptop since his was swiped earlier this week. Currently my little brain is with him in the San Juan's relaxing on 'THE BOAT', which leaves me the Dinosaur.

The sun came out today so I retreated to the shadow's of our home. Squinting gives me headaches and until it decides to shine for more than a couple of days it's hard to adjust to so much light.

So while inside I attacked the mountain of laundry that built up during the sewing episode of last weekend and I did some reading.

I couldn't wait to get my copy of 'The Host', by Stephenie Meyers at next weeks signing so I was graciously loaned a copy from a friend. I figure the best time to read is while Prince Erik is away. I'll then furiously clean the house Friday night before he comes home Saturday.

So just a reminder of my Free 'The Host' Giveaway. Contest ends tomorrow. Everyone who enters the contest will have a chance to win. Just add a comment to the above highlighted link.
I'll probably choose the winner tomorrow night after the munchkins are in bed which might not be until around 9:00 (If I'm crazy lucky). But I will post the winner before midnight just so I can keep my streak of A-Blog-A-Day-In-May going.

Wow! I think the fossil is actually going to let me complete this post. Yippee!

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