Saturday, May 24, 2008

Random Nuggets of Reality

I'd like to think these are musings but in reality they are random pop-ups in my already scattered brain.

1. You can take the dog off the farm but you can't take the farm out of the dog.

Here's itchy remembering the good ole days of chasing my brother Speedy around the farm. Hint Speedy - you really want Itchy back right?

2. The kids will generally avoid and ignore you until the phone or doorbell rings then they will absolutely regale you with the loudest, most chaotic ruckus your ears have heard all day.

3. They will also develop temporary and selective deafness which seems to only apply to sounds that come out of your mouth.

4. I have proven this theory. So I guess that means it isn’t a theory but a fact. Your husband will go about the day perfectly fine until you sit down at the computer to do something - then all of the sudden there is an emergency that needs your upmost help – right away! Hence, I get my best blogging in after he’s in bed. I pointed this out to him the other day and he had no idea that he does it so I think it’s a subconscious thing.

5. Go ahead and plan for the worst thing possible to happen with whatever the situation. Then no matter what, you’ll either be pleasantly surprised or prepared.

6. Homework will always be delayed until the last possible Second…

7. As will the dishes…

8. And the laundry.

9. Reading the scriptures will get you out of doing chores if your a kid.

10. When you suggest exercise to the kids they are not interested, but if you offer to take them to the Skating Palace – they are hopping up and down to go. I think next week we are going to offer some upper-body strength training in the form of canoeing.

11. Every time you are running late for a meeting the family tank mobile will be empty and in need of an emergency trip to the money-sucking gas pump.

12. When the kids, cat or husband decide to get sick and hurl – you can guarantee they will never make it to the bathroom, but will find the most inconvenient patch of wall, carpet, furniture, or vent duct, or parent on which to get sick upon.

13. Outside allergies hit you the hardest at the precise time you want to be out of doors doing yard work.

14. If there is an important piece of paper that you really need – you’ll never be able to find it until you are no longer in crisis-mode while looking for it.

15. No matter how early you intended to go to bed, you’ll probably fall into it exhausted a mere 2-3 hours later, after you folded laundry, reloaded the dishes and helped everyone with their homework.

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Susanne said...

Haha!!! All so true! :-)