Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Books, Books, and More Books.

They're Everywhere.

Well I took advantage of Abner and had him watch the girlies so I could go off and spend my Mother’s Day Gift Certificate at Barnes and Nobel’s Bookstore. I love books and I have a whole room in my home full of them. How many homes today have library’s. Sure we have three boys in one room and three girls in another room and the Books get a room to themselves. Somehow this sounds way off.

So I end up getting a couple books to continue series that I’ve started with the kids and a couple of books for me to read.

I know I’m busy beyond reason but I still make time to fit book reading into any spare second I can find. Like when I’m waiting for kids at an extra-curricular activity. I suppose it would be good to interact with other parents but no – I’d rather visit la-la land.

Remember how I promised my Young and Gorgeous counselor that I wouldn’t read the Twilight series or listen to them in the house anymore. Well she gave me permission to suspend that promise while I was sewing boat cushions. I must admit that it did make it much more enjoyable while picking out seams sewn wrong. However the boat cushions are done and I’m determined to kick them out of the house again.

So I after all that work I thought I could indulge in an afternoon of reading without guilt. I deserved it. But as I sat down to read I decided instead of letting the house fall apart even further it would probably be more beneficial if I actually tidied up a bit first. So I’m back on the How-full-can-I-stuff-my-garbage-this-week plan. Then I’ll read.

As I walked out of the store today with my armload of books I started thinking about the 40 or so books at home that I’ve bought with the intent to read and haven’t gotten around to doing it yet. What am I doing getting more? I guess I stumped myself with this revelation.

So I’ve a new dream. Spend less money on books and actually do some reading. I will not allow myself to buy a new book until I’ve read at least 7 of my previously purchased treasures. I think I can get through seven before August 2nd when the next Twilight series book comes out. I’m not counting ‘The Host’ which I’m picking up next week at Stephenie Meyer’s book signing in Portland because I purchased those before I made this new commitment.

Do you think 7 is enough or should I make it more? I don’t think I can say I won’t buy a new book until I’ve read them all, because there’s too many huge books coming out that I’ve been waiting years to get. I just know that I’ve got to be more realistic about my library. I am comforted by the fact that I’ve very, very selective of the books I purchase. Lots of oldies but goodies mixed with some great new page turners. That and usually they are referred by a reputable source or two. And on the rare occasion that I obtain a book that doesn’t live up to my standards – off it goes to the thrift store.

O.K. enough typing, I think I go read a chapter or two or ten before bed.

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Trena Doll said...

I used to buy books all of the time that I was only marginally interested in reading...usually because I was bored and a book purchase felt more "virtuous" than other types of shopping. But, I discovered, book clutter is still clutter. I now have a healthy public library habit. The due dates are great at helping me prioritize...if I can't finish the book in 3 weeks, I guess I didn't want to read it all that badly anyway, and it's out of my house! Most libraries make it so easy to reserve even the big titles online, so you can have a steady stream of bestsellers waiting for you each time you visit. I love libraries!