Saturday, May 17, 2008

Boating with Dad

Prince Erik took his Pride and Joy (Boat) up to the San Juans this past week ...

to help out with Evo-man's school. They were camping on a private island that didn't have ferry service.

On Friday I embarked on an all day adventure taking Lea, Princess, and Hope up to meet him and pick Evo-man up.

It was Princess and Hope's first ferry ride and they couldn't sit still.
It seemed like we went from sitting and looking out the window to running all over it to see the view from in front, then in back. In the end they were pretty tired.
So I dropped them off with Dad and came home with Evo-man's school.

As much as I don't like the boat for obvious upkeep, storage, cleaning and monetary reasons (believe me I could go on and on), the one and only thing I do love about it is the adventures the kids get to share with their Dad. Since our family is so large we don't stay over-night on it all together but we will break up the kids and let them all have different turns. How's that for some quality time with Dad.

Prince Erik took them to Jones Island...
which is a state park and also not accessed by the Ferry System. So you get a State Park all to yourself with local deer, bald eagles, otter's, sealions, and various other wildlife all to yourself.

He kept them there Friday night and they made for home today.
With little sun-kissed faces, grins a mile wide, a boat-load of Dad memories, and a bag full of shells and rocks for our fairy garden.

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Susanne said...

How fun! I love the San Juan Islands. Gorgeous! And so fun for them to get their dad all to themselves. :-)