Friday, May 2, 2008

The Danes Have Landed!!!

Prince Erik’s noble family from Denmark has decided to pay us a long awaited visit. It’s been a couple of years since we’ve been blessed to be in their presence and we’ve been honored for the last three days of spending a little quality time with them.

Prince Erik’s cousin the Royal Papa Stubbs brought his beautiful Lady Marolle and their sweet Prince One Eye Willy with them. Little One Eye Willy looks just like those little Cupie dolls I played with as a child and my girls couldn’t keep their hands off him – poor tyke. He put up with them marvelously though.

The sun made good on a couple of days while they were here so we actually got to go outside and see a few things.

Nothing like some glacial-cold mist from the beautiful Snoqualmie Falls.

The mist kept our visit short and sweet much to Princess’ delight.

She couldn’t get out of it soon enough.

Neither could Hope. She was shaking like a leaf.

We then got to treat our out of town guest to our local Costco, Target, Michaels, The Cheesecake Factory, as well as Pike’s Place Market, the Monorail, and the Seattle Center in Seattle of all places.

Then we brought them back to our place. They paid for their room and board by indulging our taste buds with my favorite Tom’s Golden Toffee and this…

Toast was never as good as it is with this on it.

Our guests were also condemned to wash our dishes, and try to teach Princess how to ride a bike...

I really like the pole idea and it worked pretty well.

T-rev even found out that Papa Stubbs was a kindred 'Star War's Enthusiast'.

That and Marolle graciously indulged our flavor senses with a Danish Dessert ‘Lagkage’.


They can come visit anytime! And we are now seriously thinking of adding Denmark to our list of places to go before Abner leaves the house in less than two years. So much to do so little time.

Its great having them here and we are desperately going to miss them tomorrow when they leave to continue their state-side visit. Whenever we hang around with the Danes I’m reminded just how hugely we live here in American. Over there everything is much smaller and simpler. Simplicity would be a welcome blessing and it was nice to have them here so that I could remember that I really do want to simplify the way our family lives.

Tak Fætter Papa Stubbs, Marolle and One Eye Willy! Come again soon.


Susanne said...

So fun! And how come I've never heard of Snoqualmie Falls before?! Gorgeous!!!

Arrow said...

Glacial cold sounds nice to me!