Sunday, May 11, 2008

There's no place like the barn

Today in church one of the Primary ladies drew a sweet looking little house on the chalkboard and asked the kids what it was. They of course responded, “It’s a house.”

“And what is another name for a house.” She asked, seeking for someone to mention the word - Home.

Raising her hand and waving it frantically with the actions Pick-Me, Pick-Me trembling all over her body, Princess innocently and angelically replied, ‘A Barn.’

Fortunately they will only have to endure the barn squalor a couple of more days while I’m finishing up the boat cushions.


Anonymous said...

Oh the inocence of the little ones. Thank goodness for there purity.

Susanne said...

Princess is so cute! ♥

Arrow said...

That's awesome!