Saturday, May 10, 2008

What's a Mom's work worth?

I saw an interesting article in the paper today saying that if a stay at home mom drew a paycheck it would be worth an average of $117,000 Buck-A-Roo's per year.

You can check out what your paycheck would be worth here. Mom's Paycheck

It even lets you personalize it. Once I'd added in some of my extra duties it said I could command $130,992 a year. Somehow I don't think Prince Erik could afford to keep me if I demanded that much.

I did find their list a bit lacking. No where on it did they have...

* Law Enforcement Officer - Think of how much money we save the judicial system by being the Cop, Lawyer, Judge and sometimes Jailer to our little kiddos.

* Hazardous Waste Removal Expert - Maybe they tried to hide this under the title of janitor. But sometimes I think a Haz-Mat suit would be a better fit for the kind of messes most mom's clean up. At least this would apply to the messes around my house.

* Personal Trainer - Who else would get their little tushes off the couch and out into the yard to play.

*Seamstress - I wonder why some of the oldie-but-goodie homemaking arts are not listed anymore. And with these blasted boat cushions that I've been sewing for 3 days straight I'd be garnering some serious overtime mullah. That and I know how much they would cost if I had to have someone else do them for me.

* Dictator - I've heard they make good bucks and I know my children would agree that I fall into this category. Not the making good bucks but acting the part.

*Professional Negotiator - Who else can resolve the conflicts that the family member's dredge up.

* Detective - Mom's have to be a good detective. Who else can solve the Who-Done-It-This-Time Mystery.

*Physic - I know exactly what consequences will happen to my children and gladly tell them their future if they continue to push certain buttons.

*Teacher - For their benefit the Salary Site did mention a Day Care Center Teacher but I found that title lacking since I home-school and what parent isn't the main life/coach teacher to their children.

*Actor - I should win an Oscar for my calm performances when other's are totally losing it. Should I also mention that my evil eye and menacing stare has no equal.

Other titles could include : Pest Controller, Construction Worker (Drywall specialist), Veterinarian, Gardener, Painter, Court Jester, Movie Theater and Arcade Operator, and so many more.

So as I see it I personally think I'm worth way more, and so are most mom's I know. We are lucky in a way that we don't see a paper paycheck. I can tell you every time Evo-man doesn't Sass back, Hope gives my neck a squeeze or crawls into my lap my heart melts and I wouldn't trade that experiance for all the money in the world.

So Happy Mother's Day all you underpaid Priceless mom's.


Trena Doll said...

Happy mothersday to one of the most amazing moms I know. You're worth every penny! xoxo

Faith said...

I didn't know that you home-schooled your kiddos! My mom taught me and two of my younger sisters all the way through grade 12 (the littlest sister is going to highschool at a performing arts school). I plan on teaching our children at home as well; I had a great experience growing up. Happy momma's day!