Monday, May 5, 2008

Enchanting the Vermin

So my girls have been wearing out our DVD of the movie Enchanted and they’ve got all the songs memorized. Even little Hope can sing the songs and she surprisingly can keep the tune better than her older sisters.

However, I am wondering if there is a bit too much magic in the melody of the cleaning song. Can my girls really call critters from the far corners of our city by la-la-ing the tune to the Cleaning song?


However these critters I don’t think know how to clean. Maybe the wicked queen cursed them to destroy instead. So last week we discovered the rats. This week Carpenter Ants – The Bain of the insect and rodent worlds have conspired to drive us nuts.

Throw in an enchanted amphibian...

And we’ve almost got the makings of a zoo. I stand corrected; we already have the makings of a zoo without the vermin, insects and slimies included.

It’s called kids.

On a bright note. Lea fixed ole’ Toro...

with just a teny, tiny help from Prince Erik. Amazing- who’d have thunk she could do that.

So it’s back to mowing the backyard forest.

That and picking a different song to sing.

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