Thursday, May 29, 2008

My Lucky Day!

For some of my more avid blog readers I'm sure you know by now about my guilty obsession with the Twilight Series. Well, I finally lucked out! Two days ago I walked into a store that didn’t know that they were supposed to wait until Saturday to release the Special Edition of ‘Eclipse by Stephenie Meyers. So of course being the good citizen that I am I purchased a copy to keep it out of the hands of some ‘Spoiler’ blogger, out there who would ruin the fun for everyone else.

No I’m not going to spoil it for everyone. However I will give a couple of hints about the upcoming ‘Breaking Dawn’ Release.

Cover Picture: Pompa’s favorite game to play. Only Prince Erik’s family will get this clue.

Chapter 1: Title is another word for betrothed.

Sorry I really don’t want to break any laws so I won’t say any more. But….

Oh my honkin heart, ‘Breaking Dawn’s first chapter was such a good read I won’t embarrass you with how many times I had to re-read it. But it’s ubber-funny. The kind where you laugh so hard tears might smart the corners of your eyes. But that’s only if you are super obsessed like myself. I’m sure if you have never read any of the Twilight Series by Stephenie then you won’t understand half of what makes the written scenes so funny.

The book also includes two tee-shirt iron on transfers. One says ‘Team Jacob’ and the other says ‘Team Edward’. I think I’ll just put them both on the same shirt along with a line stating that I suffer from a split personality. O.K. to be honest I suffer from a few other things but we won't go into that for this post.
Needless to say it was an awesome pick-me-up to a rather hard-to-handle two weeks. Seems little breaks like this give me the boost I need to keep me going. I'm really starting to appreciate the little bonuses that I too often take for granted, a beautiful sunrise, sunbeams shooting through the layers of clouds, lilac's in full bloom, and the occasional 'thank you' from my munchkins.
So I'm off to tuck the kiddo's into bed then I'll put on my giddy-girl smile and re-read that chapter again.


Kiwi said...

Lucky you. I don't think I'm going to buy the special edition, I'll probably just sit in Barnes and Noble and read the first chapter of Breaking Dawn. I can't wait until August 2nd.a

Susanne said...

EEEEK! I'm so excited to read that first chapter! Okay, now I'm going to go post that link you shared on my blog. :-)

fawndear said...

Kiwi and I thought you were super obsessed like me, seeing that it was your recommendation that started my insanity. Any True Twilight Mom like me has at least two copies of all the books. One, signed copy that mine and don't you dare lay your finger on it and another copy to loan out to get someone else addicted. I take comfort in knowing that I'm not the only one this way.

Tori :) said...

Jacob is mine.

Just sayin'...