Friday, May 16, 2008

Host Winner Is...

Evo-man covered his eyes and pulled out of our one clean kitchen bowl a crude slip of paper – identical to all the other crude slips of paper, but for one word. And the winner of the personalized copy of Stephanie Meyer’s latest book is Susanne! I wish I had one to give to everyone who entered. That's the only bummer about contests. You can only make one person's day. Someday I'll find a contest that everyone can win.

I just finished reading a borrowed copy of the same book this very morning and I have to admit that it’s probably even a better written story than the Twilight series. I'm not obsessed about it like I am with the others, probably won't re-read it a gazillion times but it was a very engaging tale. It did take me a good hundred pages and a whole day to get to the point where I was so sucked into the story that I couldn’t put it down unless my eyelid’s hurt too much from the toothpicks propping them open. So it did take me a whole two days to read. It is not the girly-girl swoon-fest that Twilight books are, but it deals much better with seeing people overcome or understand prejudices, and discover what love means to them and what’s it worth.

And it's a Sci-fi that doesn't feel like a sci-fi. Don't know what that's worth? Maybe it means that it will appeal to both Sci-Fi people like my Trekkie Husband or non-Sci-Fi people like me.

Like I said before, it doesn’t take a whole lot to please me. Of the two books I’ve read recently, Twenty Wishes (Which I like the premise of, but not so much the delivery.) and The Host – I like ‘The Host’ ten times more.

So if you don’t already have your own copy, borrow one, check one out or better yet buy one.

They are out right now, but Stephanie Meyer’s often gives signed copies of her books to sell at her local and favorite bookstore in AZ. Here is their website. Changing Hands Bookstore. If you really want signed copies and are not willing to do the fanatical extreme like drive four hours and pay to be surrounded by a bunch of screaming ladies, (Poor Prince Erik) then you might want to keep checking back with them so see when they will have more signed copies available for sale.

Now I’m off to clean the house after my sewing and reading sit-in. I’ve got one more day until
P.E. gets back with his boat from the San Juan’s. I think I’ll start with the dirty dishes.

Who else has read ‘The Host’ and what do you think?


Susanne said...

Oh my gosh, I am sooooo excited!!! I think I'm going to do a giveaway on my blog for the copy I already have and pay it forward. Thank you, Fawn!!! And The Host was such a good book. I agree with you that in a lot of ways it was even better than Twilight. I like both of them equally, but for different reasons. Thank you again! I can't wait for my signed copy! :-)

Arrow said...

We saw the AZ and you immediately had our attention. But alas, she has already come and gone. But we'll probably still go get the book and read it over the summer. Thanks for the suggestion.